Metal: Hellsinger - Update 1.7 (2023.06.13) + Essential Hits Pack DLC release!


As the summer approaches and heat matches the Hells, we’re bringing you the newest update to the game along with our new pack of downloadable content!

Update 1.7 comes with Nvidia Reflex for those of you on PC who want to slay to the beat with the most perfect timing, as well as some bugfixes and a leaderboard reset just in time for the summer.

And to top it off, the new “Essential Hits Pack” paid DLC brings for the first time licensed songs to the game. We’re broadening the musical selection for Metal: Hellsinger to other genres so you can slay to the hordes of Hell to your favorite genre. From nu metal to EDM, choose your loadout and soar to the new beats of “Essential Hits Pack”… Paz approved!

Have an excellent time with 1.7 and the “Essential Hits Pack”, and be ready for what’s to come later this year.


New additions

  • (PC) Nvidia Reflex
    • Added Nvidia Reflex! You can enable this on PC if you have an Nvidia GPU.
    • It will skip frames in favor of optimized rendering delay.
  • New DLC pack! “Essential Hits Pack”
    • For the first time you can now explore Hell together with your favorite licensed song!
    • These are chosen from Song Selector as the other tracks and can be played at any level of your choice, including Boss encounters! Which song will bring you to the top of the leaderboard?
    • Slay to the beats of chart-topping songs by Gorillaz, Icona Pop, Muse, Depeche Mode, Disturbed, Galantis, Paramore, and DVBBS & Borgeous!
    • Note for streamers: Contrary to the original songs in the game, the songs included with this pack are not DMCA-friendly and may trigger content warnings when streaming and/or creating content for the game!

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a Codex issue where the Vulcan and Hellcrow weapons were showing up as locked and could not be unlocked.
  • Any character skins equipped are now visible in the Main menu when starting the game. Previously, you had to visit the loadout at least once for it to appear in the Main menu.

Other changes

  • The leaderboards have been reset for this new update. Go forth and slay your way up to the top, Hellsinger.
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