Metal: Hellsinger - Update 1.6 (2023.03.29) + Dream of the Beast DLC release!


Open up the moshpit for today we’re releasing one banger of an update. 1.6 is coming in hot not only with a bunch of new features and fixes, but also with our first paid DLC: Dream of the Beast!

Dream of the Beast, available now for PC, Xbox Series and Playstation 5, brings two new songs by Will Ramos and Cristina Scabbia, as well as three new outfits for The Unknown and one new weapon! And al of this comes on top of all the free additions we’re bringing to the game with this update, including song selection, outfits and improved mod support!

Welcome back to Hell, we hope you have as much a great time playing with this new content as we had preparing it.

This is but the start of the journey. It’s going to be one hell of a year! :metal:



New feature: Song Selector.

  • You can now choose which song to play in each Hell, from an available pool of songs you have unlocked!
  • You can choose the main track and the boss fight song!
  • Choose from a new song selection screen which song you want to play with, check its BPM and prepare your loadout accordingly – the leaderboards are open for new song combinations!
  • Experiment and slay to each beat, discover your own favorite soundtrack combination!

New feature: Outfit selector.

  • Choose which skin you want to rock on as the Unknown while slaying through Hell!
  • Each outfit comes with a passive ability, so strategize accordingly!
    • For instance, the default outfit lets you build Ultimate faster when at 16x fury!
  • Outfit passive effects will have no effect during Torments.

Updated and improved Mod support (PC only).

  • Added support for sound effect modding. You can now change a subset of SFX to suit your specific needs. No judging here!
  • Improved error handling, with text logs showing some debugging info to show what went wrong.

New Quality of Life Setting (PC only)

  • Pause Game when in Background: With this new setting, you can now choose if you want the game to automatically pause or not while the process runs in the background.
    • Not pausing the game will for instance allow you to tab out while still hearing the music.
    • You can find this new setting under Settings/Gameplay.

New paid DLC (PC, Xbox Series and PlayStation 5): Dream of the Beast!

Two new music tracks for the game!

  • Leviathan, performed by Will Ramos, from Lorna Shore.
  • Dream of the Beast, performed by Cristina Scabbia, from Lacuna Coil.
  • Slay to the beats of these two hellish tunes in any of the levels via the new Stage song selector feature! Note: These songs are not available for Boss fights.

Three new outfits for The Unknown!

  • Morning Star: You can take a break from blasting demons, but not from that sizzling drip. Passive Effect: Picking up a Fury Boost also slowly replenishes your health.
  • Dark Devotee: If you think hell is hot, try it in leather and latex. Passive Effect: Picking up a Fury boost also grants a one-off shield from the next attack you receive.
  • Angel Eyes: Slinging bullets and looked damned fine. What else is there to do in hell? Passive effect: Quick reloading increases a weapon’s max ammo. The effect lasts until you switch weapon.

New weapon: The Red Right Hand.

  • Shoot shoot shoot shoot to the beat with the new machinegun weapon, available in your hellish arsenal with Dream of the Beast.
  • The Red Right Hand is a burst weapon that will increase and decreases the bullets per burst in a rhythmic pattern!
  • Unleash the full fury of this weapon with its ultimate and lay waste to the hordes of hell with massive fire rate and all cannons spitting destruction.



  • The shockwave attack of the Annihilator Seraph has had its collider adjusted to better match its visuals.
  • The burst-fire attack of the Cambion now fires accurately to the beat of the music.
  • The Cambion is now better at aiming.


  • The Vulcan projectile has had its collider adjusted to better match the visual reading of it.


  • Reduced the amount of shockwave projectiles sent out in the start of the Red Judge encounter.
  • Some gameplay elements that used to be calculated using seconds now use BPM; note that this means that players might experience a difference in how fast parts of the gameplay play out. Examples of areas in which you might notice the changes:
    • The Ultimate attack of Paz.
    • Boss projectiles.
    • The fire rate of the Cambion.


  • We’ve made another attempt at slaying the issue that was causing the No Rest For The Wicked achievement from unlocking. This time harder.
  • Fixed an issue that could start prematurely the transitions between rage and stunned states on Aspect boss fights.
  • Addressed an issue where direct hits with the Vulcan against bosses caused Fury to increase twice as fast.
  • Explosions from Paz-crystallized enemies affecting nearby enemies should now be graded consistently in the beat-matching feedback.
  • The Stalker ranged attack could sometimes clip through the environment. No more.
  • The Annihilator Seraph wave attack should now deal damage consistently with its VFX.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a prolonged black screen after repeatedly pressing Skip Calibration when starting the game for the first time.
  • Weapons should no longer target destroyed Chaos Crystals with Aim Assist enabled.
  • Fixed where remapping Camera/Scroll UI to left stick of the controller did not affect the scroll function.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Remap To screen so overlap Controls Settings under specific circumstances.
  • Addressed an issue where changing tracks in the Extras/Audio section after using the Repeat function would cause the new track to also play repeatedly.
  • Fixed a small visual issue where the Archdevil icon was smaller than the rest of difficulties.
  • The Pause Game button tooltip from controller layout should no longer overlap the settings list.
  • Fixed an issue that caused UI effects to be missing when navigating Remap Controls under Settings.
  • Paz’s charged attack HUD will now change with the base color you pick for the weapon reticle.
  • Sigils icons should no longer project shadows in the Loadout screen.
  • Fixed a typo in the Compendium tab.
  • Fixed a number of localization issues in the localized languages.
  • PC specific fixes:
    • Fixed a couple of stability issues that could crash the game after minimizing and returning to the game with Steam overlay turned on in specific circumstances.
    • Fixed a stability issue that could crash the game after pressing Show Coat of Arms progress, or Restore Defaults button, and immediately backing out to the Main Menu.
    • Fixed an issue that caused audio distortion when dragging music progress with the mouse under Extras - Audio.
    • Fixed an issue that caused keyboard menu controls to become unresponsive in the Stage Select screen when right clicking outside of an option.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the controller image to overlap with the UI on certain resolutions.
    • Fixed an issue where keyboard controls in the Artbook section could become unresponsive after using the mouse to go beyond the first or last page.
    • Fixed an issue that could show the wrong animation on enemies in the bestiary when navigating fast through not yet discovered entries.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the menu highlight to disappear after turning VSync on with framerate cap not set to Unlimited.
    • It should no longer possible to access the KBM controls section when using a controller.
  • The combo description for Chaos And Slaughter should now show the Slaughter button prompt.
  • PS5 specific fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where it was possible to interact with game elements after initiating an activity, which could lead to other potential issues.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the highlight to go to loadout after disconnecting the DualSense controller after initiating an activity.
    • Selecting an activity during a Torment story could cause the main menu background music to stop playing. This has been fixed.
    • The background music of a locked level would play after returning to stage select from an activity’s loadout. This has been fixed.
  • Voke:
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the Red Judge Aspect to do a redundant attack animation after repositioning.
  • Stygia:
    • Fixed an issue where the electric floors in the Aspect boss fight were not activated after being struck with the lightning projectile.
  • Fixed some environmental culling within player FOV in the second arena.
  • Yhelm:
    • Fixed an issue that caused two specific Aspect attacks to be blocked by the brick shield.
    • Fixed an issue that caused enemies to spawn outside the arena during the third phase of the Aspect boss fight.
    • Fixed a specific spot in the boss fight arena that allowed for protection of most of the Aspect’s attacks.
  • Incaustis:
    • Fixed an issue that could bypass respawn triggers in the Aspect boss arena resulting in disengaging completely.
    • Fixed an issue that could bypass respawn triggers and skip the third arena completely.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed for the fourth arena to be skipped completely.
    • Fixed a stuck spot on the path to the second arena.
    • Fixed an invisible wall before the Aspect arena that allowed to use the Vulkan explosive launch to jump outside of the map.
  • Gehenna:
    • Fixed an issue that allowed for respawn triggers in the starting area and Aspect boss arena to be bypassed by dashing or soaring to the beat.
    • Fixed a way to skip the fourth arena by soaring. Sorry, speedrunners!
  • Nihil:
    • Fixed an issue that allowed the Red Judge aspect on Nihil to take damage from Terminus while it is in invulnerable state.
    • Fixed a stuckspot in the pathway leading to the Aspect boss fight.
  • Acheron:
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Lesser Seraph’s attacks to pass through the environment in the first arena.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the enemies in the Aspect arena to rotate when pausing or and/or suspending the game.
  • Sheol:
    • Addressed a visual issue that could cause geometry culling within the player FOV under very specific circumstances in a very specific spot. Sometimes, bugs do be like that.
    • Fixed an issue that would allow the Red Judge anguish gate to be jumped over.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed for cheesing the Red Judge third invulnerable phase and deal damage to her.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause one of the Anguish Gates to not be fully formed after respawning under specific circumstances while transitioning to the third phase of the boss fight.
    • Fixed an issue that let you see the first arena from the third one.


  • Given all the changes and new additions included in this release, the leaderboards have been reset. Conquer your way up to the top with all the new tools at your disposal!