Mic and other players talking not working

I’m on pc and this is the only game I have I can’t figure the mic out. I have it on ppt but I cant hear anyone nor can they hear me. VC vol is 100% I read on official servers its turned off but this happens on all servers. Is there some sort of secret way you need to select what input/output you’re using? mine isn’t the natural default windows, I have an interface and a sound card I use too.

And youve made sure every drive for your equipment if up to date? Also if you use any type of voice mod or software like it, that must be open as well. Let me know if this helps!

Yes its all up to date and my stuff is up. It’s working across all platforms and games but not Conan.

Have you tried not using PTT?

I have the same issue. I can not talk in game. My push to talk key is “T”. I have unbound, rebound, switched it, reset to default - still nothing.

I’ve went on various servers and I am still unable to talk in-game. What’s the deal?

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