Microsoft store/xbox game pass version not updating

Game mode: Online
Type of issue: Bug/not updating
Server type:ALL
Region: ALL
Mods?: N/a
Edition: Game Pass

Hello there!

I am trying to get the latest update for the game but my microsoft store/xbox app is showing that game is up to date. The version that I see in bottom right corner is #334396/31660.

On the other hand, my friend bought the game on Steam and his game updated without any problem and he can see official servers (I cannot due to version mismatch).

Can someone advise me what to do in situation? I already tried updating the game through Microsoft store and xbox app but that did not work.

I would like to add that uninstalling the 100gb+ game is not advice I am looking for nor I want to purchase the game through steam.

Thank you in advance!

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Funcom is there any kind of a resolution on this?

Half of my clan is at the moment unable to access the server, and are eagerly waiting for the update to show on the xbox pass, but it seems for some people it’s working.

How do we retrigger the patch without reinstalling the game every time?

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This has been an issue since June! How has this not been fixed yet? Last time I had no choice but to uninstall the game except that the xbox app wouldn’t let me delete the files so I literally had to reformat the hard drive to do it! Why release another update if the issue is not fixed thereby blocking all pc xbox players from getting on the servers?

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That’s what I’m talking about. Microsoft support is also deflecting the issue back over to Funcom. Honestly not sure how happy one to be with updates if the game would require reinstall every time. We are not all on fiber optics unfortunately.

Funcom… Where is all this “fun” part now?

I contacted Xbox support (for xbox game pass for PC) and they advised me to reinstall the game. I just want to see if anyone from this FUNcom support will answer here or they will just close/delete this post.

Still looking forward to their support!

Xbox support’s recommendation here is correct, although not ideal - you’ll want to try reinstalling the game.

Unfortunately, there is little we can do on our end for this specific matter, although for what it’s worth, it does affect other games other than ours as well.

It’s also worth noting there was a fairly hotly-anticipated flagship game release by Microsoft today, so it’s possible their servers are getting hosed by the traffic.

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I would spend hours reinstalling it (AGAIN) but, as I mentioned, somehow the xbox pc app locks access to the game files so they are simply impossible to delete and uninstalling from the xbox app doesn’t remove the files either. Shouldn’t you pause releasing updates until this is fixed? Especially since you lose all buildings if you’re unable to sign in for a period of time.

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