PC Gamepass Version Official Servers Invalid

Basic Info:

Platform: PC
Storefront: Game Pass
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Server Name: 1750
Mods: None

Bug Description:

Neither the XBOX app or MS store showed the update being available after the announcement this morning. I reinstalled from scratch. Sorcery changes are available in single player but all official servers are listed as invalid and cannot be joined.

Version information: The menu screen shows 403075/34529. The XBOX app shows 40307.534.5290.0

Please assist. Thank you.

Screenshot of main menu (still displaying Isle of Siptah) attached.

Bug Reproduction:

Reinstalled game from scratch on 9/1/2022


Same issue here. It appears that the game pass version isn’t the same version as the servers. Game pass revision is 403075/34529 and the servers are all 408113/34671. I think funcom pushed out a second update that hasn’t passed through xbox yet and so the game pass version is one revision behind, thus preventing connection to ALL servers.


IF there was a way to run the dedicated server with an older version of the game while we Game Pass players wait for the update to 408113 then the issue could be resolved on our own private server. I just can’t find a way to change which version of the game the server runs.

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I also have this issue, I tried the full reinstall that others recommended to no avail.

nah full reinstall wont help right now because the PC gamepass still on 403075/34529 build not 408113/34671. No matter how many times you reinstall right now all you are going to get from the gamepass download is 403075/34529 until either funcom send microsoft the 408113/34671 build or when microsoft finishes the certification process.

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Greetings players!
Thank you for reporting this situation regarding the servers being invalid.

Our team has been investigating this and attempting to solve it, as quickly as possible. Thanks to them, as well as to the usefull reports such as this, from the players, a solution was already submited sucessfully and this issue should already be fixed.

Once again, thank you very much for your assistance dear players!

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So this was inaccurate. Still no update to PC Gamepass available.

I have re-installed the game since the fix was released and my game pass version has been updated and I can join official servers.

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I need to reinstall and not update? L A M E

It seems that they don’t send update files to MS, only full installs. They used to, but I guess not anymore.

I am currently having this issue. No official servers are showing up for me, although I was able to join a dedicated server just fine. But I don’t play on a dedicated server, so no use to me. I tried to direct connect to official Server that I play on (#1746 Official PvP) and it said it was incompatible with the game version. Currently doing uninstall/reinstall.

I really enjoy this game on the Xbox PC Game Pass, but it has been nothing but issues and wish they could figure it out. I would buy the game and DLC if they did. But currently I couldn’t bring myself to spend money on it. Fix this game

fix it please from what i can work out steamplayers and epic players will be able to play while microsoft pc game pass cant… so im assuming our hard work wont be safe for two days

Yes this! I tried uninstalling an reinstalling and it still says all servers are invalid. I tried to direct connect and it says my game is outdated, but guess what. There is no update! Unfortunately you’re about to lose all the new players who came to this game for the new sorcery update.

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