Middle Earth PVP/RP - Exiled Lands

Middle Earth PVP/RP

Welcome Exiled!

Middle Earth PVP/RP is a Kingdoms based server where you can fight for your region, and earn rewards (weekly) for staying true to your throne. It also follows the lore of Lord of The Rings, but it’s up to you to decide if you want to join in or create your own roleplay.

Discord is mandatory and the main form of communication for events, rp, rules, etc. (Invite below)

-General Info-
*Server restart 2AM and 2PM EST everyday

*PVP is enabled in world at all times (Raid times are different.)

*Raiding is Friday-Sunday from 7PM - 10PM EST

*DOD (Drop on Death) is enabled during raid days and disabled during non-raid days. In other words, KOD
(Keep on Death) is active weekdays whereas DOD is active weekends. [Harvest settings are 4x when DOD is active
and 2x when KOD is active]

*Bronze coin is the server currency

*Admins do not play here, they are strictly here to help the players and run events.

More info in the discord.

-The Stats-
*2x Exp.
*0.5 Thrall Conv.
*0.8 Crafting

Do you have what it takes to be a ruler?