Missing Lotus plants in Improved Planters

Improved planters are not displaying lotus flowers in the pot after the seeds are used. You can grow lotus with seeds, but it only shows the planter inventory, but no flower is displayed up top. This is impacting all lotus flowers, but all other plants are visible in the planter.

What map are you on? Exiled Lands or Siptah? Siptah is having a heck of a time rendering plants and tree foliage right now.

I’m on Siptah in PVE-C. It loads other plans with no issues, so I found it to be really strange that only the lotus were effected. The trees look like victims of acid rain. lol

Wow…weird. My PVE-C experience in Siptah is definitely different than yours…which screams instability that may get better…may get worse. Who knows.

It wouldn’t surprise me if it is related to the server specifically. We have clans that are having “wall wars”. It’s a race to claim land on that server. Horrible lag!

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