Mitra Statue of Refreshment

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [| Bug]

Since the last update its not possible neither drink from it or refill waterskins


It looks like the water level is constantly low, apparently low enough we cant use it.

May have to build a new one. These seem to break almost as easy as the traps & bee hives.

Having the same problem here on a private server. It looks like it has water in it, but no matter how many times I activate on it, nothing happens. :-\

We have to destroy and rebuild it, the fountain doesnt work even after server restart.

After destryoing and rebuilding does it last more than 1 day or it bugs out again when server restarts?

Im not sure… mine buged again, people have told me unless they are over a bunch of foundations (6+) they constantly break or sometimes vanish! I simply gave up… Im using a small water well for now. Its not breaking that much.

I am playing on a live pvp server. Placed my first fountain yesterday. It seemed to work fine! When I logged in this morning though it was gone. I had it on 4 stonebrick foundations. My event log doesn’t show it being destroyed. Its simply… gone! Hope that helps whoever is working on the fix.

Could imagine that it’s intended to work like this. I mean it’s a religious temporary tool obviously and for constant water you shall build a well.

Happened to me as well, it was on top of 2 square foundations and 3 triangle foundations, it also had a pillar with a torch and 6 planters… it simply vanished one night! Event log also didnt register anything, it just disappeared like yours!

Not really, it was never like that before up until the recent patches, wells, statue of refresh, honey, and sometimes fish traps. all seem to break at server restart. The reason being is in the .pak and SQL database for the game, some coding was messed up with the recent patches. Any server restart messes this stuff up. So far I have found alternative methods to fix fish traps (most of the time) that is build them in doors inside a house and/or on foundations. the Honey I have yet to find a way to fix this. Wells, 900 tar later, have yet to find a way to fix this one.