Mobile device warnings when offline

Why do not incorporate an automatic mobile devices warning, when any of your possessions is destroyed? I am sure many players would pay for it .

If anyone wants to throw their money away, i’ll happily take donations.

That would require a mod, and a webserver… and whatever else phones require to receive messages from such.

It could be an app that displays the event log on whichever servers you play on. Not necessarily something that sends an SMS to the user, as that would require some tele operator’s services, which are not free. Big companies like Microsoft and Google can use those for MFA without issue, and they can probably get good deals from the SMS company due to the number of users, but e.g. the little foundation I work for pays ~EUR0.07 per confirmation text message.

The app could work if connected to your Steam ID or whatever the game uses on other platforms.

That said, if one is so afraid of offline raiding, it might be a better idea to stay online 24/7, or go PvE-C, than develop an alert app.

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