A plea to casual players about offline protection



This thread is not intended to offend or judge anyone, is just for me to understand the reasoning behind who asks for offline protection.

So this is a survival game but it’s not really an open world, since the world is enclosed and limited, when you disconnect and can’t play the stuff you have built stay in the game, taking computing power and network from people who are actually in the game playing.

So let’s imagine you could play 3 hours in 1 day, meaning 21 hours the stuff you have built will stay in the game, being data that goes through a network and being computed on the server and on any one client connected to the server, do you see where I’m going with this reasoning?

Explain to me why it make sense for you to have somebody to pay (by money and/or by computing resources) for virtual stuff that it’s not really being used and can’t be used since an offline protection would make it indestructible(i suppose).

I might be wrong in thinking this game doesn’t need an offline protection but you need to give me a proper reason, like if there would be a subscription fee to join officials, I would understand it then since you are paying for the server access but the officials are free of charge.

Gratitude in advance to anyone who bring proper reasoning to this discussion.


Don’t understand what your asking?

Online but going offline? and your limited to 3 hours that week cause Boss wants you push 70+ hours again? And you might miss 7day timer? of offline single player were you can turn timers off?
(i’m ps4 user, so we can play totally offline) PC user, do to Steam, get stuck with Online “On” cause of Steam, not funcom.


I don’t understand the post either. I do agree that some people have jobs in real life and those jobs are demanding.

3 hours in a day? I am lucky if I find 3 hours in a week.

It is open world because there are no restrictions on the map. A player can go anywhere at any point in the game at his own risk.

Could you explain this differently. I believe there is no player who plays 24/7 so at some point every player disconnects and leaves their stuff in game. Perhaps I am understanding wrong.

(I might be misunderstanding the OP’s statement here.)
When I leave a game, I do not know when I will be able to get back to it. Might be an hour, might be several days. If I build and gather on officials, when I return, my work might be gone. This might seem harmless the first couple of times, but after a month or two, I would be thinking what is the point of building or gathering if it will be gone before I can play again? If there was a form of protection for the structures and goods (or at least a part of it) I would keep coming back and playing on what was left from before. As it stands, I would become frustrated at having to start over and in short time move on to game that did not feel like it required a restart each time I logged in.

As far as someone paying for the ability to have their game progress not removed…we all pay for the game and should have the same ability to continue playing it.


If you don’t understand then it’s not for you, I’m asking to players who want an offline protection because they can play only few hours what is their reasoning. Do you have some sort of disability or is my english that bad?


You haven’t met me or my stream. When I play conan and I’m out of harvesting season I would play about 12-13 hours a day.

What I’m asking is what is that make you entitled that your stuff should be in game and protected when you log off? :slight_smile:


Yeah, single player is what you pay for. :slight_smile:
In a capitalistic society as we live in what give you the right for your VIRTUAL stuff in a server you aren’t paying for?


You believe the official servers are not part of the standard game?
I believe when a game offers online play, the server is part of the game package.


You want that the stuff of offline players on a server is removed, is that right?

Well, what would you think if your base was removed when you went offline and another player built a base in the same spot? What would happen when you come back online?
Obviously, what you call for would make for a lot of problems…

And yes, your English is a bit difficult to understand :wink:


No, I’m asking what right do “you” (or I) have to spend electricity, computing power, network power to keep your (our) VIRTUAL stuff online while you (I) are not actually using the game.
Keep in mind I’m DEBATING, I’m not certain of anything, just asking for why it’s wrong to have a subscription fee for officials.

Then I’m sorry to burst your bubble, you bought the LICENCE to use the game for a limited time(limited in the hypotetical case that steam dissappear from the face of the earth leaving us without authetications to unlock the DRM of the game, I know it’s not going to happen, I’m talking hypotetical), read the LICENCE of the game you bought, not the access to the officials.


Pretty sure none of us have a “right” to pretty much anything other than access to the game we’ve purchased. Literally everything else comes down to what Funcom wants their game to be and how their funding shakes out

That said Im against offline protections in any form other than thralls / pets that will attack intruders 24/7 and not just during raid times. Also maybe some “turrets” whenever the sorcery update happens


My bubble is durable and not busted.
I understand the license agreement for digital material.

Conan: Exiles is advertised as having PvP mode. Since PvP can only happen if there is a second player (who is not tethered to the first) then the use of an official online service is implied under licensing.

I believe the reason some players may want offline protection for there structures and resources is because they do not want to have to start over each time they come back to the PvP mode of the game. The players obviously enjoy playing or they would not come back; however, it could be frustrating for them to have to start over each time the find a moment to play. If Decay was not a thing, the concept of offline protection would be less important.

I do not understand why a player would expect their property in game to be protected against attacks while they are offline. Attacking a land claim would be the normal course of PvP as I understand it. If the property could not be attacked while a player was offline, then what prevents them from logging off each time an attack is started? (I do understand a need for raid windows.)


This quoted section takes more memory on these forums than this structure does in game on a server:

In fact the entire argument is a bit flawed and I’ll explain why. I’m not a casual player. I like to PVP. But I believe PVP is player versus player. Not player versus offline player.

What can my opponent do when I raid him while he’s offline? I get nothing out of that. Blowing up some structure that cannot fight back. I want to siege a player and fight them in a counter siege. You don’t get that when you play on servers that allow for offline raiding.

The argument I have at least has nothing to do with how much time I have to play. I’d wager I have more time to play then you do. And because of that, I want offline protection. It ensures my opponents are on the same playing field as I am.

I’d also like for Offline Protection to be a server setting toggle in any form it comes. This way servers that want to keep it off can do so. Everyone’s playstyle is different after all.

Everyone ought to have what they want to have in this case. Cause lets face it, everyone who wants to play with offline protection are already not playing on servers that allow for it. And offline protection gives admins another tool to lighten their load a bit. That’s always a good thing.


It’s not wrong, per se, but Funcom does not want to go down that route. For a lot of reasons, not all of them necessarily altruistic in nature. You’ll find that a lot of people have asked for this over time, and it’s been shot down every time (by Funcom).


I’m pretty sure we already have something like this: It’s called Time-Restricted PVP. You can only raid other people’s bases at certain times on certain days of the week. If none of the servers have a PVP schedule that you want, then you can always get your own.


I don’t think you understand what DEBATE really means, I’m asking for a DEBATE, meaning questioning all your(mine, our) beliefs to gain a higher knowledge. :wink:
So your comment is not really constructive or add content to the argument.

That said I’m making my own game and this discussion is giving a big insight on things to make

And I really admire them for that, and that’s another reason I love conan exiles and I’m most probably going to buy conan unconquered too, but still that doesn’t give me an explanation to question my belief to why somebody should be allowed to have unusable/non interoperable stuff in game because he cannot be in the game. BEWARE, right now we all know there’s raid time, I’m just asking why this type of game should have a offline protection if it ever going to be implemented and what right people have to it, being a virtual world and that most people I know who believe they have a “moral” in a game are the type of people who have a very low moral in real life.

That said it’s probably better to close the discussion here, pardon me to have taken your time. :slight_smile:


Maybe to understand what your argument, we could reverse the logic. The question could be what right do you have to their stuff while they’re offline?


Just make thralls and pets attack intruders 24/7. If you cant be bothered to thrall up or be online during the raid window, your undefended base deserves to be scouted / attacked. Id stongly recommend a private or PvE-C server if this is the case


That is a great way to put it. What does one get out of raiding a clan or solo when they aren’t on to defend it?

To answer the reason why some people would like offline protection, it really comes down to real life commitments. Jobs, School, family emergencies, vacations. All of which a majority of people will encounter. Alot of people use games to relax with, and many think that having offline protection of some sort would keep player count up, and make for better PvP servers. But there is no solid work around for people logging off if getting raided to stop raid.

To me, both sides have the same problem, but for different agendas. People who raid offline people exclusively (there are many like that on officials) and people whowould log off to stop a raid both are avoiding melee and conflict. I do not know the answer of how to balance it so that true PvP players (ones that prefer the challenge of raiding online clans and melee at the walls!) can enjoy the game despite the other two styles.


I don’t but i can explain.

Casual gamers who work and leave their houses for a living, don’t like to come back to a pvp server and find they have been wiped because an alpha clan with 8 + people who all play for somewhere in between 8-14 hours per day, can do this anytime you go to work, training, dinner… etc.

People enjoy the pvp but when you have a life it is impossible to keep a base alive. Hence why people want offline protection.
Only people with no lives have the luxury of excelling at these pvp/base building games.

I’ve known guys who have occasionally spent over 100 hours per week in game.
1 girl i know doesn’t work and she spends all day everyday mining explosives for her alpha clan \o/

Offline protection is more fair for people who enjoy sunlight and living.


Our server limits raiding times, and prevents “offline” raiding. We have a complex war system that notifies you if you are going to be attacked No Mods.