Mobs walking out of the Maelstrom

Hello, I just observed one very nasty bug. You can spawn mobs in maelstrom and simply kite them THROUGH ENTIRE MAP.
This bug seems to appear mostly on online servers, both private and official, where mobs dont despawn COMPLETELY. I simply can aggro a throng of monsters at any base and delete it, no matter of its tier or size.
In my solo-game tests mobs DO despawn with distinguishable animation, but still they sometimes just lag and almost running after me by entire map square.
This bug breaking pve and pve-k expirience entirely and should be put to priority. It makes any build place close to maelstrom non-existent (and I can see many nice flat places close to maelstrom be specialy developed for building a base). Only safe places are on the cliffs. I hope my terrible english didnt made this message incomprehensible. Thanks.


Same issue, they came to our house and destroyed the walls around it :confused:

You should remind them that one does not simply walk out of the Maelstrom. :grin:

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