Maelstrom mobs one shot buildings

Maelstrom spawned mobs will one-shot buildings of high tier. They also spawn on top of buildings and smash their way down from the roof. My impression of the system design was that eventually players would make “purge bases” in the Maelstrom for farming the ridiculous amount of swirling chaos required for progression. There is even a journal entries for building in the Maelstrom and fighting mobs on your building. If it is intended for mobs to one shot buildings, 100k walls; then disregard. This does seem to be a bug as I’d imagine mobs do a good chunk of damage to buildings, but not delete them piece by piece. This occurred on an official PVE server, west coast. Building was owned by a clan. Used all Stormglass building pieces. Had multiple various maelstrom mobs spawn and they all did the same behavior.

I think the idea is to build outside the maelstrom area, as the sorcerer is the Alpha of the center area.

So one builds many T1 elevated platforms. Mobs spawn, break the floor, fall to their deaths.

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