Mods are causing the crashes with Isle of Siptah...please list ones you know work here

Several people have concluded mods are causing the ‘Serialization’ and validation issues. I’ve tested a few myself and haven’t found any working. Only with no mods subscribed, and by deleting everything in the mods folder can I get into the game. Otherwise it’s working great.

Reported working:

Pippi - as long as you updated to latest version

Please list what you’ve tested here…

The mods that haven’t been updated are causing crashes, yes. Mod authors are working on their updates and many mods have already been updated, more to follow. However, mods that have been abandoned by their mod authors may no longer work after this update unless they get updated to the latest DevKit.

All mods updated today, should be working. There are quite a few already. One thing I suggested in the LBPR discord is the following:

Go to your workshop page, filter your subscribed mods by “date updated”. Everything which was updated 15th+ should be good to go. You can use it, everything that hasn’t been updated is probably going to crash your game, so you have to test these 1 by 1. There is also the problem that once the mods are updated to the new DevKit, some of them may no longer be compatible with mods that haven’t been updated.

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Yeah unfortunately I don’t see a way to filter available mods by date updated. Would be nice as several mods have similar functionality, where one may not have been updated another might do just as well.

what do you mean you don’t have an option:

click on your profile - content - workshop items - subscribed items (on the right side) and then sort by “update date”.

No I mean you have to be subscribed to the mod to see when it was updated or filter it by date updated. You cannot sort all the mods available by last updated, only by most Popular, Most recent and Most subscribed.

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Can confirm Emberlight, Fashionist, Unlock plus, level 140 all to be working.

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