More bad news out of China? How will this affect Tencent, Funcom, Conan Exiles, Dune?

You’re right that Funcom owns the Conan IP as of today, but unless I’ve missed something, they don’t own the Dune IP.

Dune may be the only IP left they still have to license.

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Wishful thinking. Homosexuality and transgenderism aren’t the only things China has cracked down on. Not only are they going after gaming in general, but when it comes to content within entertainment, they’ve also gotten tough on skeletons, blood, nudity, time travel, winnie the pooh, gambling, violence, sex, anything negative about the CCP including actual history, religion, tattoos, The Big Bang Theory tv show, Jasmine flowers, Christmas, the words disagree, oppose and emperor, the NBA, reincarnation, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the letter ‘N’.

And that’s just the tip of of the iceberg. I assure you, they aren’t that worried about losing out on foreign money.


Ok, fine, more seriously - I find myself agreeing with different thoughts from a variety of contributors on this thread. @Firecrow is not wrong IMO about the levels of influence held by powerful corporations (though I hope we are not so far gone, yet, as Taemien suggests that would mean). But if we just take the relatively famous examples of supermarkets - the customer is subjected to constant manipulation the entire time we are within the store. …

the advanced in neuromarketing takes advantage of the advanced in neuro science and it is more and more important in our daily life, personally it frightens me even more than the subliminal images which have been written a lot of ink
really a great discussion here and I am constantly surprised on this forum


@JJDancer, you can’t have pinpointed my argument, because I haven’t really made one. I shared an opinion just like everyone else, but for some reason you instantly took it to an extreme and misrepresented me as thinking government oppression was a good idea. Since then I haven’t really been in the discussion because I’ve been defending myself against your posts. If you go back and read our exchanges, you’ll see that I haven’t engaged with your opinion at all - I accept that it’s your opinion, and that’s fine. All I’ve done is try to set the record straight as you’ve desperately tried to twist what I’ve said into pretzels. You’ve just done it again by the way. Do I think excessive gaming is bad for people? Yes. I thought this was uncontroversial but maybe I’m in the minority here. Do I think it turns people into monsters? No! I think it’s bad for them. Where did you even get that from and why are you demanding I prove it’s not true?

I don’t owe you a justification for my opinions and honestly at this point I feel like if I gave any you’d just attribute a bunch of terrible ideas to me and talk past me, because that’s what’s happened so far. I kinda feel like you’re trolling me so I’m going to stop responding to you. Feel free to have the last word.

@DanQuixote, @Glurin, Taemien and others I appreciate your posts and would like to have a proper discussion about this, but it doesn’t feel like a good environment for me to do so. I sense that my view of the role and function of government is really at odds with most of the posters here for whatever reason and frankly I don’t have time to support my opinions by laying out my entire worldview from scratch. It also wouldn’t achieve anything and the idea of it is exhausting lol. Just so you know where I’m basically coming from though I’ll say this:

Various posters are saying that people are lazy, or want government to control them so they don’t have to make decisions. This is not where I’m coming from. I think adult, responsible citizens should want to sacrifice their freedoms for the good of the group if necessary.

There’s an apparently widespread view that governments are always insidiously trying to increase power and control over the people and have to be resisted. I don’t think this is true at all. It may be true in some times and places, but right now in the west at least we live in (albeit flawed) democracies. We are the government and if it can’t function it’s because we all failed. Of course I think that adults should be responsible for themselves, and parents should be responsible for children, but if something is undermining people’s very ability to be responsible then collective action should be taken.


The chinese goverment doesn´t care much about their citizens health. 10 to 14 hour workshifts a day, 6 days a week, are often mandatory. Nobody cares if people are commiting suicide because they are mentally broke because of sleep deprivation, depression and exhaustion. Leave alone the daily school drills kids at the age of 5+ have to endure to make themselfs future valuable members of chinese society.

Loosing goverment power and influence because chinese companies get to big and earn to much money is just a no go for this countries leaders and has to be prevented at all costs. China is not a democratic state like Europe, GB or the US is, and probably will never be. And if they have to use their own children to create an imaginary problem as an excuse to officially intervene for their own agenda, they will do it whithout any hesitation.


You seem to be in the minority. . . last word.

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Honestly it wont gonna matter because unless funcom actually man up and try to takes back decision making from tencent. They will be left in the dust. Newer games are coming. Along with it is ue5 games and unless if they want to keep ce alive they gonna need to do some changes. I havent seen a dlc pack this year or any word on the next major improvement content drop in a long time. I give this game 2 year of playing before it’s just goes on life support due to inferior engine.