User Data Questions

I would like to know if any of my user data has been accessed or can be accessed by the FunCom parent company Tencent?

Has any of my data been transferred?

How secure is my data and what kind of guarantee do I have that my personal data has not, cannot and will not be accessed in the future by the CCP?


What personal data are you using with Conan Exiles? Honest question here.

The only thing the database uses is SteamID (on PC) and that’s public information as well as anything you’ve set to public on your steam profile.

If you’re worried about privacy, you will need to set that profile to private. But you would have needed to do that before Tencent anyway.

People have been able to click your name in the player browser menu to visit your steam profile since its been in the game.


Considering the alleged discovery of data mining going on in certain apps owned by Chinese companies, I think this is a legitimate question.

I do not appreciate telemetry spyware. I understand how it is considered useful; however, after EA presented a reward to consumers after a specific action was completed in game without anyone having to self-report, I became very concerned about what data was being mined and what it was being used for. My concern is not restricted to a single nation; I am concerned about any company that feels a need to take a swim on my PC.


FunCom has my IP, name, email, phone number, address history and credit card info. I have no issues dealing with a Norwegian company, my sphincter begins to clasp when it’s a Chinese company. I just would like to know if FunCom is granting customer database access to the Chinese parent company Tencent.


How did they get all that?

All they know about me is maybe my steam name, and my discord name (because I joined one of their discords). But they don’t have any RL personal info on me. Not even IP unless I join an official without a proxy.

When I bought the game, I got it through Steam, and Steam has my info. But that’s Valve, and Funcom doesn’t get personal info on its customers through them.

I dunno how PS4/Xbox handles that, but I’d imagine it isn’t much different unless Sony and Microsoft are stupid. They might be stupid, but I’m not going to make that claim here.


They do now because they are using a “Live Services system” hate to break it to you. I know of one company (Shan’t name here) that admitted they were getting the persons computer info and motherboard ID’s. They were using that to ban players, they dont need your IP. Note what your ID is when you search for it in the menu, it is Funcoms ID not Steams.

I’m not saying Funcom is doing that, but a Live Services can do it. I am curious why they have a “Live Services” for a game that doesnt really need it anyways?

And lastly, what you did with a proxy if you did it in EU shan’t help as it requires your orginal IP to be shown. This is why they require Proxy services and systems like Tunnelbear to register with them. If they go to them and demand your IP they shall have to give it. I believe China does same.


Conan Exiles is not the first FunCom game I have played.

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I know it was the weekend so did mot expect an answer to my question, am looking forward to a FunCom answer today.


I highly doubt we will get anything but a corporate response here. With that said, this type of question is best done as a DM imo if you hope for a more thorough and truthful answer. I personally would not want to discuss this on a public forum about my private info, even in general discussions section. Making this solely about a “Chinese” company seems a bit accusatory as well. I am by no means a tinfoil hat guy, but let us be honest. Anytime you log in, someone is accessing your data. That is how they algorithm search suggestions etc. I always go by the thought of, outside of hacking me to steal money (which would disappoint them) or id theft (again, good luck getting credit with my info :)), I highly doubt governments want anything I have. Unless it is trying to learn to wall stack it military complexes or what I use in pvp melee.


There’s no way to say this while steering clear of politics, but it has to be said.

There is no perfect regime and perfect government, but there not all equal, either. I was born and lived my first 20 years in a country that had a dictatorship and then went through several wars and regime changes. There were atrocities, violations of human rights, genocide and ethnic cleansing, and a lot of nasty stuff like that. Even so, in all those 20 years, that country has never gotten to the level of abuse and the kind of atrocities you see from regimes like CCP or the one in North Korea.

I respectfully disagree with you when it comes to the validity of people’s concerns about empowering a government like CCP, no matter how insignificant that empowerment looks like.

I know we don’t want to discuss politics on these forums, and I agree with that, but the only way to achieve that is to avoid bringing the politics in the discussion by, for example, questioning other people’s political motivations. I don’t get to agree with @Ultraviolent a lot, but this time he did post his concerns in an entirely factual way and without involving politics or even being rude to anyone.


I am not condoning data mining of people. I just feel his question s should be made more direct at someone who is not a gaming forums moderator. As well, that person will only be handed a “company” answer. @ultraviolent is intelligent, based on what i see on posts. So this is why i question making it a forum open question (but directed at Funcom). As well, I was also suggesting that a more direct question thru DM may get him the channels that can truly alleviate/answer any questions. I have worked in warehouse for many years. During shift meetings the questions i hate the most are ones that cannot be answered by the meeting leader, yet an individual who knows that very thing still asks it. It is almost rhetorical in nature to ask the 2 moderators here will only send it up the “supply” chain, and the chances of getting a true answer, or one that matches our own narrative of the invasion of privacy of data mining personal info. So i have to question why ask it here in the open forums?


Yeah, I agree with that. Maybe I’m jaded, but I don’t think we’re likely to get any useful answers. :man_shrugging:

Contact and Dispute Resolution

If you would like to place a request to modify or request a copy of your personal information in accordance with GDPR or other Privacy regulations or laws ; send requests to [email protected].

In compliance with the Privacy Shield Principles, Funcom commits to resolve complaints about our collection or use of your personal information. EU and Swiss individuals with inquiries or complaints regarding our Privacy Shield policy should first contact us at :

[email protected]

or by physical mail to:

Funcom Privacy

Kirkegata 15,

Oslo, Norway N-0253

all other Information could be found here


I gotchee, that does pose an interesting issue if you’ve played Age of Conan or Secret World.

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How do you know Funcom has your bank account? Did you send them an email with all the info yourself?

I can’t see any mention of bank account anywhere. He did say “credit card info” and that’s something a company gets when you purchase stuff directly from them.


Secret World had items being purchased directly from Funcom as I attempted to make such a purchase and my bank froze my account for an entire weekend…that was a PitA…because the purchase went out of the country.

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Do we contact this address if we just want to know if our data will be forwarded as an asset to the Tencent company? Or should such inquiries be submitted to another entity.

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Thanks for the reply Melcom, I am familiar with the FunCom privacy policy and agreed to that policy whenever I provided information to purchase or play any of your great (for the most part) games. No issues at all, however that was then and this is now.

My specific question is not answered in any of the links you have provided. Question is, has any of my personal data been or will be transferred to or accessed by FunComs parent company Tencent?


Thats what the LS is for. Tencent is the owner now, so what do you think is happening to your data? What do you think is happening to your data while playing other games or buying stuff on Amazon or using Facebook/Twitter?

The thing is, we either agree and accept that our datas are used by companies for god knows what or we don´t. This is a personal and privat decision everybody has to make for himself. But we shouldn´t make ourselfs a fool by thinking that one country is worse then another for doing the same thing. Nobody knows what our own country is doing or will be doing with the datas they collect from us.

Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, for example, do massiv datamining. And still millions of people are using their services on a daily basis on all kinds of divices. And they don´t bother at all.

The whole day their datas get collected and selled by quite a few companies and they don´t bother and they don´t care. But in the evening when they fire up their pc and start their favorite games people start asking: "hey, are my datas going to china now? "