Unanswered questions regarding merger

I see that the server merge thread got locked because the process has started, fine and dandy. After following it and reading every reply in it since it started, Im honestly a bit disappointed but not overly shocked that the question I asked 3 times (yes, I tagged Dana and the Community in), and that one other person asked was completely ignored. I laughed, when even in the title of the thread, that it was “Official server merge” and they took time to answer a question from a person if it affected “private” servers. Thankfully, the server I have some stuff on is not affected by the merge, so in a way the answer to the question doesnt mean as much any more.

However, some people Im sure would still have loved the option. If you didnt see the question, it was simply this:

Would Funcom make the final save of servers that are being shut down available for people to use in their single games?

Some people had alot of items, including legacy items, levelled and placed thralls, amazing builds, that maybe they wanted to keep. I guess Funcom figured that answering questions about how this affects private servers was far more important that giving its official player base a way to keep their stuff if they chose to.


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I think the way the merger is going to happen is they are going to soft wipe the servers that are being shut down, then merge data bases into the server being kept.
a soft wipe keeps players and their inventories but nothing else.

Making the combining of data bases posable, without the chance of overlap on builds.

As to if they could make the pre-wipe data base available I can’t even guess.
I’m sure some people would like this.

No, they will likely not give the databases out. There’s information that normal players do not need in there. Let’s just say there is enough information to lead to RL convictions if RL crimes are committed on server.

If your server has been merged, the old data will be entirely gone once its completed.

Can you expand on that?

The reason I brought the question up was because Wildcard did the exact thing when they shut down some of their servers in Ark. You cant possibly tell me that that situation is any different then what Im asking for in Conan.

I think some people would appreciate it too, for the fact that they can keep their work so they can continue to play in single player with all their legacy items, thralls and builds.

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My somewhat educated guess would be:

Absolutely frigging NOT!!!


  1. Funcom doesn’t cater to players like that!
  2. Giving one person the DB would mean giving them other people’s builds and that’s a bit on the unethical side.
  3. Related to #1, How many servers are going down? By glancing at that list it’s close to 150 or maybe 200 - with what, like 5 to 10 people on each? They have to spend the time and bandwidth to send 200 data bases to 2,000 people and sort out who gets what? Ain’t happening!

And BTW, this was answered when you originally asked it. Just not by a FC official person. And my guess is that they’re not gonna touch this inquiry either. They have a habit of not addressing questions like this that are too far out in outer space.

  1. Shows that Funcom doesnt care much about its base, when I explained that Wildcard Studios did it for a much larger playerbase. Edit: I have to add it, but do you not think that years of Ark players breeding and bloodlines, colours and mutations as well as loot, element and rare bps’ is just as important if not significantly more then the items in Conan?

  2. Oh. No. Not someones build. You realize there is only so many ways you can snap pieces together? The only way this may affect people is seeing how to make a better design for PVP defence in a particular location. But you know what? It cant really be exploited since the server was going down and all buildings on that server would be gone forever

  3. My last count was 375 servers. So they slap those files to a sticky thread on the forums that players can download them. The question remains as to how many people would download them, and by using current steam charts of a 24 hour high of 8400 people and the information by well known people on the forums that only about 1 our of 7 players play on official servers, that leaves roughly 1200 players on officials, and again, a number tossed around was this might affect up to 50% of that…you have about 600. Thats pretty small. Very easily doable.

And the fact it was “answered” (by the way, Im not satisfied by one person not wanting their buildings and building method discovered as an answer) by a player and not Funcom is the precise reason why I tagged Dana in all three messages, and the community in the last one. I want an answer from Funcom, not someone whose scared to see someone copy their build.

Its not too much to ask considering they answered the question of how it affects private servers.

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Well, those are your interpretations. Funcom sees it differently and it’s not at all difficult to see things from their perspective - even if you may not agree. So arguments like these are kinda meaningless.

But there is all kinds of personal information is some of these bases. Signs and notes that contain people’s real names, phones numbers, addresses and as @Taemien was implying even criminal activity. No. Sorry, ain’t happening brother!

Wow… 375 huh? That’s a lot.

Just a technical here… you’re reading the numbers wrong. It’s a high of 8400 or whatever. But you have to look at the entire day. You have to estimate about how long the average person plays (let’s say 2 hours) and then sample that graph at every 2-hour interval. Then add all those samples together. And then you have to estimate how many days the average person plays in a week or whatever and multiply that number by that as well.

That very well could be true. So then, maybe on a thread where they are posting information and answering such questions as how trimming official servers affects private servers, they could simply…answer my question. If the answer is “no it will take far too many resources” - then fine. But sh*t, at least give an answer.

I have never heard nor seen this in any discussion or server Ive been on. Its 2022, do people not realize that what you put on the internet can be seen by literally millions of people? To add to that, the mergers were announced anywhere from 1 week to 1 month in advance. IF they were to make the file available for people to use, players had time to remove such things. I just find it incredibly weird why anyone would post personal information in game on signs. Its stupid even.

Then Id need to find the number of unique players per day which I think is impossible. My point of the numbers, since they are fairly consistent from day to day right now, is an approximation. Sure it can go up or down, but not by any significant amount.

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Ummmm. Having access to the whole db would give you the complete list of everyone that’s ever played on that server. Not exactly world ending private information but I still wouldn’t want some creepy creeper having it.

“Hi. I see that you played on server 1234 in June of 2019. I think I remember seeing your toon. She was a sexy Zamorian thief. Do you have any n00ds?

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So then no different then peoples steam profiles with perhaps a sexy looking picture on it and spamming them with messages saying the same thing?

I think people are reaching a bit here. This was simply so people could keep their in game stuff and play single player with it.

Yeah, exactly, I wouldn’t want to get those either and I’d be pretty irritated if I started getting weird messages and found out it was because fc gave the entire db of some server I played on to some random whack-job.

All that being said, I don’t really understand why you created this thread in the first place. What are you expecting to get out of it? An apology from Funcom for not directly answering your question? They probably didn’t respond because (a) someone unofficial gave you an answer that they knew was correct and (b) it was a pretty unreasonable request.

Believe it or not, pulling the databases off 375 different servers (that fc doesn’t directly control and therefore probably doesn’t have direct access to) that are spread out over several different data centers and then making those databases publicly accessible in a way that allows them to be downloaded by non-tech folks while not inadvertently giving those same people access to things they shouldn’t have is not a trivial task.

Which would you prefer? The small Conan Exiles dev team works on fixing bugs and implementing new features or they spend their time making those databases available for the six or seven people that actually bother to download them?

Or is this just another hate thread for all the haters to pile into and start hating?


Since it is digital --and as you said many times to those not liking the merge–means it should not have personal attachments, it can’t be unethical.

Okay, we’ll give you the job of checking every note in every chest, container and thrall, the text on every sign, the name of all the thralls, benches, and placeables etc. etc. and then make you liable when and if the lawsuits come in…

Sounds great! So glad you stepped up to the plate there - very big of you!

Lots to answer!

I am merely pointing out how, in my mind a legitimate question, was ignored when I asked 3 times, and another poster mentioned once, despite tagging Funcom was totally looked over (ignored, whatever) but they took the time to answer someone’s question about how this affects private servers.

I mean, come on. How rediculous is a question about private servers in a thread titled “Official server…”?? And again, I dont care if the answer was yes or no, I felt it was a good question that would give plenty of players who are upset at losing things a way to keep them to continue playing the game in single player.

Am I looking for an apology? No. Not at all. Im pointing out something that makes me shake my head, and a bit of disappointment that the question was ignored so many times. During that thread, I helped answer some peoples questions that were repeated when they didnt bother to read the thread itself - and I didnt mind doing it. There was few questions left that were not answered, by community or Funcom.

A) The only answer that someone gave was they didnt want their building techniques found out. While I can understand the answer, there is only so many ways to snap pieces together…and I think having the saves available is more important then someones build. But thats my thoughts.

B) Is it though? Like I pointed out, Wildcard did it for Ark, and they did it with far more valuable stuff then in Conan, and I can say that as a person who has played both games. Conan has some rare and unique legacy items. At the end of the day, those are items. Leveled up, placed and rare thralls too, yes some cant be replaced without some grind, if they can even be found again. I do understand the stuff involved for Conan, and I agree with people upset at losing them. Ark, you can invest literal years into bloodlines for breeding…the crew I played with spend a solid 7-8 months of breeding one breed of dinos for a super army. Add blue prints, items etc, there is years of work.

Wildcard made those servers they shut down available to anyone. Every excuse that you can say for Funcom not to do it, or that people might data mine the database for personal information on people clearly didnt matter to a bigger, more populated game. It is possible to do, and all I was looking for was an answer either way.

I cant give you a good reply here, Im not sure exactly what it takes to make a save file for a server downloadable for people. I did have a friend download save files for 10 maps on the Ark server we played on from another person, and it took about a day or so. I dont see why they couldnt link the save file to a thread on the forums. People click on the server they want and boom, download. Seems pretty simple, but again, thats why I asked Funcom, and not people with potential sentimental ties to the lost servers.

Well, bugs have been in Conan for 5 years now, so a couple weeks off to do what I asked -to me- doesnt seem outrageous. Would the people fixing bugs be the ones to copy files to a website and make it accessible to us? Would it be the artists working on new concepts for new content? Would it be the coders? Would it be the social media managers? Funcom could sure give us the right answer to this!

I bet youd be surprised how many would use these to play on.

Nope, no hating at all. I made it to laugh off how questions were ignored, then the thread locked because transfers had started, yet they answered questions on private servers. It just kind of shows me the effort Funcom put into such an important topic when there was so many involved in the thread, and the merge.

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But the build strategies can been studied and then you have inside information on how best to raid that player in the future. Granted most players just rinse and repeat what they see on youtube but I know a handful of players that I would love the opportunity to deconstruct their base to see how it worked on the inside.

Why would anyone put any kind of personal information on chests, notes, containers or thralls?

Why would you put personal information online in a video game that anyone could see?

If this was on a pvp server…you could get raided and people would see it…on PVE or PVE-C…you could be let in a base, or get in somehow and still see it.

Its a terrible counter point and id bet you, you might find 1 or 2 people out of the tens of thousands of Conan players that dumb to put person information in the game.

Theres only so many ways to build.

How many people, when they go raiding go full out to blow up the base as to not leave anything left in potential hiding spots?

I think this argument is weak.

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I only had that happen once when I had a complex build vs a stealth build, but they were salty because we kept them on edge for quite some time so I don’t think it was to find hidden spots and more about vengence.

Well, I and others I know have done so… So I was just kinda going by that.