I wish I could download and save my work

I wish I could download and save my buildings, placeables, and followers. It would be great if I could download a version of the game.db file that only had my clan ( as leader ) in the db. It would make it so easy for me to start a private server or take a break. I love levelling up and starting fresh, but I don’t particularly appreciate losing the time and effort I put into previous buildings, servers, and thralls gatherered. If I could have a copy, I wouldn’t mind letting a few servers decay either.

I know others have requested this in the past; I can’t find the previous post I wanted to reference right now.


The mod Pippi has a method of copying and pasting buildings. Unfortunately the feature doesn’t work in SP just yet. And not on officials for obvious reasons.

If it’s single player, take a screenshot of your current thrall list, then when you recreate your character on a new server, ramp up the xp gains to the absolute maximum. Then admin in your chosen thrall, gear it, set it to follow and admin in 15 to 20 hostile jungle bird bosses at once and mow them down. Thrall should go from nooblet to lvl 20 in around 2 minutes.

I know very well what you want and requested this also in one or more posts. The tipps from the other posters are fine, but on an official or xbox you are left on your own.

I even would pay a fee if I could order a copy of the game.db containing our clans buildings via funcom or mechanism. And it could even work, if
a) an export from consoles singleplayer game.db would be offered
b) an export of the clan buildings & chars from an official server would be offered. Even there are different players, a - more or less simple - db-script could clean up the other chars or transfer the clan chars , buildings & thralls to an empty game.db, giving the customer the option to import this one.

Technically this should be no problem, as the game.db are the same on every platform.

As I said, I would even pay a fee for this kind of service, to get my clan db from xbox and transfer this to a dedicated private PC Server…


What you might not be aware or thinking is that a server is not “your work”.

For single player, you have the files saved for the game and you can just store them copying the files to another media.

For a server, only if you own the server, and that is for good reason. Multiple good reasons, actually.

I am well aware, if you read my post carefully, you got the steps with transferring the clan elements to an empty game.db. That is very well the clans work and no problem, if you think carefully about. The clan members can either stay on the official or play on the private server or do what they want. all possible private information the gamedb contains are the - already public viewable - funcom ids from the clan members.

I really do not get your point here.

PS: Even when I change the view, I had no problem with funcom giving the game.db from a server to any person who plays there, even without cleaning it up before. they would play with copies of my buildings, thralls etc as much as they like in that case. Why should I care ? I does not affect me.

Only PVP “secrets” could be revealed, when the game.db would not be cleaned up before.

I do not play pvp and i guess this option is mainly interesting for pve/single players.

Zev, can you check your activity list in your profile and link them here as well?

The server, just like any live service does have a portion of my work. That is what I want to download. This is no different than live services like Facebook, your analogy would mean that Facebook owns your content on your Facebook page, but as many lawsuits have pointed out, that isn’t the case regardless of any company policy Facebook users were forced to agree to. Google runs a service to create web pages, and the service is free as well; however, the content is yours that you create. Doesn’t matter whose server it resides on.

For instance here, in a different colour Suggestion for Server Transfer : Please add the option export official/online -> solo game

I had some else around and in other peoples threads, so you can also look around. One of them was my idea relating xbox dedicated server & server transfer.
F.I. here
XBox Dedicated Server App - Funcom Forums

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Wouldn’t it be awesome to have some integrated workshop like a library where you can acces your builds that you saved and maybe that of other player saved builds with the building requirements (materials, dlc requirement, stuff).

When placing a blueprint your clan can see a ghost shape of the building you want to place which you can edit on different ground levels (some builds require flat ground but the ground is not always flat).

For example you load a blueprint and place it on the ground, the area isn’t as flat as the building you downloaded. The blueprint is blue with some parts red that hasn’t got enough stability, you can then add building pieces to fix the stability (adding pieces to the original build blueprint).

When the issues are fixed you deliver the building pieces or materials to start building and complete the building blueprint.

Sounds easy, probably very hard to execute in development (or is it a checkbox? probably not haha)


I’m sure there is an implementation on StackOverflow that you can cut and paste. :smiley:

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If its a private server, you may get a download of the server from the admins. If its an Official Server… you are out of luck.

Anytime you join a Server, be it Official or Private. Everything on said server belongs to the server. Just like Clans in the game. you join a clan, build a huge castle, when you leave that clan, everything you build belongs to the clan.

As for FB, Conan Exiles and FunCom are NOT a Social Media Platform, there fore can not be treated as such.

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I swear I tried to stay away :rofl:

The way I see it, the real complexity doesn’t lie in extracting the information from the game database. It lies in when the extraction is done: it has to be done while the game is not running. I’m not going to go into technical reasons why at this point, feel free to ask if you’re interested.

Having to do the extraction while the game server is offline means that they would have to implement some sort of workflow system, where players could submit their requests and those would be processed during the server restart. So now you have a whole new database and a batch process that has to be kicked off at a specific time to service the requests in that database.

In order to make sure that the server restart isn’t delayed too much, they would have to create a copy of the game database after the game server has shut down, start the server again, and let it run while the requested information is extracted from the copy. Since the game database can become quite hefty, now we have to worry about additional disk space for a whole copy.

But wait, it’s not really a good idea to make the copy on that same machine, because you really don’t want to run another process in parallel with the game and have it compete for the resources. So okay, we don’t have to worry about additional disk space on each server, we just have to upload that copy … somewhere.

The question is where? Do they add another dedicated server for this kind of thing? Will one server be enough to handle simultaneous uploads from all of the game servers that are being restarted in the same time zone? Should they have one export server per region, so they don’t have to upload the game databases from Latin America and Europe and Asia to the same server? What happens if the export server fails? How long will the game server restart be delayed before those machines decide that the export server is down and move on with the restart?

I could go on, but my point is that things are never as simple as “haha there’s an answer on StackOverflow” :stuck_out_tongue:

Crap, now you made me sound like Steve Yegge :crazy_face:

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Ark did this with their Legacy servers a couple years ago. They took the last save file from the servers there were about to shut down and made them available to ANYONE.

So, yes its possible, but will it be done? Unlikely unless they are going to shut down the server.

I disagree with all your points, so we are going to have to agree to disagree. Considering this is just a request and feedback to Funcom, it doesn’t matter who owns it. I made the building, I would like to download it and the plethora of other likes this post has received has shown it is a common need by the players to download something they have spent time creating.

HI @codemage,

Since the single-player game always creates a backup copy every time it restarts, I assume that the official server does. So the copy is already made every day. I would expect that Funcom could perform the extraction on the previous backup. A rule that the player has to stay offline for a day while it is done would probably cover any overlap between the request for a copy and when the backup occurs. All of your concerns should be mitigated if you don’t assume that the live “game.db” has to be the accessed file. I would also expect the “game.db” file to be copied somewhere to another server to do the final extraction without utilizing the server’s CPU.

There are many ways to do the processing, but since the backup should already be there, or at least, the ability is already there, a lot of the tools and processes are already done.

So it could be a lot simpler as well. :smiley: I think all your points are valid, but may also not matter depending on what Funcom can do. The character transfers seem to indicate to me that it would be possible, given time and planning by Funcom.

You don’t need the player/clan to stay offline, as long as they’re fine with getting the results that are 1 day old :wink:

Sure, it’s possible. My point wasn’t that it’s impossible, just that it’s not really “oh that’s easy, they could run a simple script” :slight_smile:

Even though the backup is there, my point about not having an additional process competing for resources with the game server still stands. And from there on, all the other concerns I raised.

None of those concerns is insurmountable. It can all be done. But the thing that happens on these forums with depressing regularity is that people spend some time thinking about the tip of the iceberg and then proclaim that the iceberg isn’t such a big deal :wink:

FWIW, this feature is one of those I would really like to see.

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I do not see the problem. If you ever hosted a dedicated server, then you know, there is a backup made all 5 or 10 minutes. Take that backup to an other place, here you can play with your db tools as much as you want. Who says it has to be done on an online system ? This would only have to be done, if it would work like the migration/transfer process.
So, this is easier as you might think. With a running server accessing the db it is clear you cannot manipulate anything. But here we talk about a copy process , a snaphot. There is no write access to the running game.db meaning no corruption or constraint issues. Sometimes things are not so complicated as you think first when you look deeper.

And if this is done only when it is demanded, the concerns relating export servers are obsolete.
Workflow: Request, copy game.db backup to FC central, load it to a work-server, run the db scripts, make the result accessible to the requester.
For sure the server hoster already has mechanisms for backups. And as it was said, most would not care if the backup is already a day old - even a week I would not mind.

But - I wrote too much as it looks, like you got all points. And - no - even if it sounds so i do not think things like this are done easy-peasy :slight_smile:

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I like this idea.

I’m on an official sever. But wouldn’t it be cool if I could ‘export’ my save from the official server to single player mode?

Maybe I’m going on a 3 week vacation. Maybe the server is dead. Maybe I’m tired of refreshing my bases. Whatever the reason, it would be an awesome way to ‘save’ your game so that it can be played at your leisure.