DO NOT MERGE 3731! 700 hour base will be destroyed!


I was just notified my server is going to be merged into another one. I have been on #3731 since release day and have a base that is quit substantial. If you merge me into #3730 I will lose 700 hours of work/play. Please do not merge my server into another. Maybe merge an empty server into #3731 so I can keep my base as I will not rebuild and quit. I have spent 4 years building this base. Go look at G9 on the map so you can see why and please DO NOT MERGE THIS SERVER!!!

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I’m looking at over 5000 hours of lost infrastructure and multiple thralls trained to level 20


I’d take a look a thread related to server merge, May ease abit of your minds on what you can do.

*thought it was pinned…can’t seem find it…dot dot dot…

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Out with the old and in with the new… Say goodbye to your old base, plan to make a new (even better?) one on the new server. Should be a bunch of fun! I like building!


I can go look and report to zendesk for the fps drop I bet XD.

Unfortunately, as with the revised TOS, the effect on the player base is not important.

Where I you, I would start moving things to a new server ASAP via the Server Transfer function. You’ll need to coordinate with a clan member so you do not lose your base.

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Too late. They said no new characters once the alert goes out that includes character transfers so you can leave but you cannot return. Waiting till they move you means you can be over encumbered which is a better deal to move more stuff (I know you know that but the lurkers may not)


700 hours is not a long time in this game.


Most of the massive bases I’ve build with T3 parts takes about 2 to 3 hours of mat farming, a concurrent 2 to 3 hours of processing, and about 2 hours of layout and block placement. Even if consecutive that’s only 7 or 8 hours. And that’s for a mega-base with lots of fancy designs.

It’s so easy to build a new base that these server moves should barely even be seen as an inconvenience - in that regard it is FORTUNATE and not unfortunate that indeed “the effect on the player base is not important” because the effect is miniscule unless you’re attached to your virtual dollhouse with the desperate abandon of a 3-year old who refuses to share or give up their crayons - clutching them tight even as they fall asleep from exhaustion doing so.


Can’t transfer and get back into the servers that are being closed. You get a message stating this when you try to get into one of the closing servers.

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I did not know that. It’s just another reason I am glad I made the decision to eschew official servers for a vanilla private server after 2.7 exacerbated the toxic player environment.

Nothing I see in the roadmap shows me a reason to ever go back to official servers.

Can you even make new bases anymore worth while lol. Might as well do that in coop

Yes but are you including scrap rate? Before picking up pieces was a thing, my scrap rate was like 200% of what the finished product was made from. Now it’s a lot easier and cheaper

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My standard PvP base is usually under 1k foundations. My average time of people raiding my active crafting bases is 1 to1.5 years. I build small so bug out and re-establish is possible within 3 hours. Any hint of discovery means moving out and now I get to take the base with me.

Of course. I hadn’t really payed attention to my scrap rate in previous builds but if I think about it it’s gotta be less than 10%. I think maybe 2 or 3%. Only once for my very first base nearly 2 years ago, did I ever build entirely out of T1 and then upgrade. Typically these days I lay down a floor plan out of Flotsam then place the benches in the open, then begin manufacturing for StormGlass or BlackIce (depending on map and location). The inner floor area can stay Flotsam. From there I probably misplace only one or two blocks per hundred.

With the new pickup system I can dabble with the Flotsam directly in game without having to do trial runs in my dedicated server as admin - so that’s a plus :heavy_plus_sign: for sure. And of course the one or two or three misplaced blocks per hundred now go back into inventory - another plus :heavy_plus_sign:, yeah.

In either case spending a year or a longer to build a base is just insane - there is something terribly wrong there - and I do indeed feel sorry for people like that! Assisted living and/or being institutionalized is not ideal.

There ya go, that’s about right. And especially after you have built something at least once.

I have an issue with getting carried away sometimes and some other times I go through a “QA check” on my purpose only to find it completely lacking

With Treehouses, I have to rebuild a small section only to find that small section is now not in sync with the larger section so it all has to come down because it’s not just as simple as laying foundations when you build treehouses and you gotta keep in mind 3 dimensional spacing plus available anchor spots. This is my far the funnest building you can do…pain in the behind but definitely cool once done and is the safest builds I have done by the actual numbers since no one expects a treehouse in Conan. Everyone scoffs at such a crazy notion that no one ever looks for them.

On ground level “normal” builds, you gotta take into consideration hidden spots in the terrain that you make into storage areas. I had to redo the entire foundation to move the build 3 spaces to the left so that the hidden area is accessible.

Ceiling bases are another fun one but layering the ceiling just right can be problematic and created tons of scrap as your pillars need to be lined perfectly in some spots to get 3 layers.

Apex builds are the ones I have the least amount of scrap just because of how boring base defense is. Anticlimb anticlimb and more anticlimb. Blah. Although I have generated an idea about archer defenses but am worried about looks and how secure it would actually be. I would be all gung-ho about it if they have an inverse cap…but noooo.

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Take a ton of screenshots of your base for reference, then rebuild it once the merge is complete. Better yet, rebuild it on a solo / co-op server where it won’t get reported for causing fps loss by other players or get nuked by a server merge.


This basically, time to take some screenshots.

@steelskin77 on each and every server there are bases and people who would lose their builds with far more hours into the game. The merges are happening and no amount of threads are going to stop that. Your options are to prepare to rebuild or take a break. Nothing lasts forever and you had 4 years to enjoy your creation.

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Regardless of duration of time, this merge hurt a lot of players. I empathize with that. The anger is justified. The part of the community who write it off with saying Official servers are free, that nothing is owed. Or that the players being merged can just rebuild. Not every case is a building issue. They already culled Thralls once, and here we are again. They let us pick up our builds, I would have liked to have seen them implement being able to club and break already tamed Thralls again…. It’s all just hot air now really. All I’m saying is that I have empathy for everyone involved. They don’t get to choose where they are going. The amount of time it would take to move with a regular server transfer, plus not being able to re-enter the server once you leave…hot air…. It is what it is. Woe to the vanquished.