The new Funcom VS old Funcom

Anyone else here miss the old Funcom? Before Tencent bought them? They used to communicate with the playerbase. They had streams regularly. They listen to, and engaged with the community. They cared about their other games as well, much more that they do now. Now they only care about Conan Exiles. They dont listen to feedback anymore. The recent success of the company has made them arrogant and selfish. The success has gone to their heads. I hate that Tencent bought Funcom. I doubt we will ever see a good game from Funcom again. The new Dune game will have a cashshop full of pay2win items im pretty sure. At first I liked the new CEO Rui. But now im not so sure anymore. He seems arrogant and I dont like the direction he is taking the company. Everytime we try to reach out to them we are met with total silence.
I have played all of Funcoms games, and some of them for 10 years ± There is no other game company I have supported more and played more games from than Funcom.
Where are the community managers? I thought they hired more community staff? They used to talk to players.
Why do they hate their old loyal players that have supported them for years? Anarchy Online, Age of Conan , TSW . These great games they made. Now that they have resources to do something about those games they dont care. The community of those games are treated like garbage.
I want my old Funcom back.
The new Funcom wants you to play Conan Exiles only. The pvp sandbox survival game the announced is not what we have today. Today we have a PVE building game without survival mechanics. The game is so easy these days it doesnt even deserve the “survival game” tag. CE has a lack of direction. They dont know what they want to do with this game.
They use words such as; “PVE players”," PVP players", “roleplayers”, “builders”. Because of this mindset they lose their vision for the game. Just make a good survival game and fokus on that. There is a reason Rust, Valheim, 7day to die, the forrest is so popular and much more popular than this game. Those games have a vision and a gameloop that makes the games more fun to play.
The fact that you can get a thrall to fight for you while you just stand there and watch him crush all enemies in the game is a joke. Who thought this was a good idea? Its a game, how about you make the game fun for players and not a Thrallfighting simmulator. The strength of the tralls breaks the game. Fighting thralls is the worst addition to this game since early access in 2017. I cant stand it.
This game was better at launch than it is now. Back then it had so many bugs it was almost unplayable, and the framrate and lag was horrible, but atleast the game had a direction and gameplay that was interesting.
Our feedback doesnt matter though. They dont care, dont talk to players and think they know best no matter what the community thinks.

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I don’t think Tencent has anything to do with the changes.

The pandemic, the Dune game, and their inner circle of community members probably has much more to do with it.


This and the need for a lot of updates that have been backlogged due to covid delays are my best guess. They have been communicating and had a big Siptah release promotion, as well as the religion event that just finished, so I’m not sure I entirely accept the premise.


And this is why they added a thrall damage setting for PvE and another for PvP, so both people like me and people like you can play the game to their liking which proves that they listen and try to make both of us happy by giving us settings and options. You don’t like the game on officials the way Funcom wants it to be played? Join a private server or play single-player and adjust the settings to match your desired playstyle.


The problem is that the Thralls are so strong that everyone uses them in PvP too. Its impossible to compete in PvP without the strongest fighting thrall. I dont understand why you want them in PvE either. Why is it fun to watch a trall do all the work? I cant imagine at all why you want a feature like that. The game worked completly fine before they added the fighting thralls. It should have been a setting to choose if you play singleplayer and not in the online version. You cant change thrall damage on official servers. That is my whole point. The server settings are pointless on official servers. I dont care about private servers, official servers is where most players are.
My guess is that you play single player.
There is a reason why Conan Exiles is not popular on Twitch. It is so boring to watch. Watching someone mine a million rocks, build a base that takes forever to build and then get a thrall that does all the fighting for you. There is no action going on.
Look at Rust and how many play and stream that game. There is no skill required in CE. There is no hard content. The survival mechanics are a joke. Why is this called a survival game? because you need to eat and drink?
I have almost 1800 hours in CE on PC and console together.

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Lolz. Gaming Dev Companies cannot really win - but at least there’s dialogue and discussion, and that is always important. Remembering back to the ‘heady’ days of early Early-access and all the complaints about issues with thralls, etc in the first place - and all the things that Funcom have done resolving most, and introducing more, ‘stuff’.

Happily, being of a simple mind, I just enjoy playing the game. I still love the scenery on Exiles and on Siptah. I still love the combat movement and complexity. I can now rename thralls and have pets that level up. I can look forward to even more gritty design and gameplay - just look at the camps on Siptah - amazing depth to the complexities when compared to Exiled Lands even. And then I enjoy the way FC have embraced, supported and best ideas and concepts ‘borrowed’ from the Modders and included int he game.
I sometimes miss all those old weekly twitch-streams, but then I now watch more players live streaming on twitch.
I do not miss the Official servers though. I moved to private servers years ago and not looked back. Give them a try @Lootepus - or get one of your own and make it how you want. (funcom, new and old, gave us that option too!) :slight_smile:


I shouldnt have to play on a private server to enjoy the game. I care about the official version. That is how that game is supposed to be played. The version of the game that is on officials is not good enough.
So it doesnt matter how the game is just because I can play on a private server? That is a stupid excuse.
I dont say Funcom hasnt fixed bugs and improved some aspects of the game. They have. Its just that they added some stuff that made the game worse.
Look at the player numbers. When siptah launched game had a lot of players. Since then it has been going down fast. The reason for this is that the gameloop isnt good enough. The game is not fun to play longterm.
Funcom shouldnt listen to all feedback from players. They should stick to their vision for the game. If you listen to too much feedback then you get systems like fighting thralls, and other stuff that makes the game worse, not better.
I miss the survival aspects and difficulty of the 2017/18 version. I dont miss the bugs and instability.

A lot of people are on vacation. Others are sick. I guess that includes game company employees, too. Patience. There’s a pandemic going on. I guess that things slowed down a little during the black death, too.

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I used to think that, too. But I’ve got a different theory now, one I’ve slowly formed over the last couple of years.

I think that the official servers are simply a playground for people to find their preferred play style, and then decide how to get the most out of it. In a way, the official servers are the “lowest common denominator” of all the possible play styles.

When you think about it, Conan Exiles attracts a very diverse player base. There are players who like MMOs, others who like survival games, those who prefer competitive PVP, some who just want to build like in Minecraft, others who are into Conan source material, yet others who prefer RP, and so on.

The base game, as it is, doesn’t do a spectacular job at any of these. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s a bad game. I still play it, after all this time. But if you’re a hardcore fan of survival games, you won’t find vanilla Conan Exiles to be very challenging. Same goes for most other play styles and interests.

It’s fun, but eventually you’ll want more, and that “more” depends on what you prefer. Some people will want deathmatch style PVP. Others will want RP, or hardcore survival, or long-term PVP without the excesses of the official servers.

On PC, there are mods and private servers that match all of those playstyles and more.

Funcom has done great work trying to meet all the most popular demands, but the fact is that they’ll never make this game exceptional for any specific segment of their playerbase without driving away a different segment.

So no, I don’t think private servers are a “stupid excuse”. For better or for worse, I think they’re how the game is really meant to be played. Officials are the sandbox for the new players or for those few of us who don’t care enough to look for a private server that matches our specific needs :wink:


Very philosophical, but true - have nearly 7k hours playing so I might be considered biased. Still love the game. And also love that so many niches are available to cater to anyone really.


This makes a lot of sense, not just in CE, but in the larger context of gaming. Table top players rarely follow the letter of the rules in the book on all occasions, and if a group doesn’t like something alternative methods are developed within the group.

Private servers allow players to basically apply “house rules” CE.


Its true Conan Exiles attracts a very diverse playerbase. The problem is that Funcom tries to cater to everyone. That is impossible and its why the game is not as popular as i should have been. Most players start playing on official servers the first time they play the game. In the process of trying to make everyone happy they have watered down the experience so much that its no longer a good game. The base game is not a good game. “fighting thralls” should be something they can have on modded private servers, not on official servers.

Look at RUST and Valheim. Why are those so popular? Because they know what game they are trying to make and what experience that they want. Those games are true survival games.

Conan Exiles is not anymore and that is why its not as popular as the other games on the marked even though Funcom is a big company with a lot of resources. Valheim was made by 5 people. They had a clear vision and that why valheim is such a great game.

The 40 player cap on servers is also very low compared to other survival games on the marked.

Also the game is way too expensive. Compared to the other survival games on the marked Conan Exiles is probably the most expensive on steam. Why have they priced it so high?`You can buy “the Forest”, “valheim”, “7 days to die”, for half the price. Isnt it better to sell a bit cheaper and more copies and get a higher playerbase?

What Funcom should have done is make Conan Exiles 2. CE was made in a hurry and put together in 1 year with a smal team. Funcom was almost bankrupt and they just about survived. Since they game was made so fast it suffered with a lot of problems.
They should just take all the art assets and build a sequel that is better made from the ground up. Now they experience from this game and they know what they did wrong. Im pretty sure a sequal would be a huge success and would be a much better game overall.

That you love the game is great. I like the game too even though I don’t play at the moment. I just want the game to be even better and more popular. I wanna see the game higher up the steam charts and with higher numbers on Twitch. The potential is there, they just have to make some tweaks. The problem is that they dont communicate with the the playerbase at all anymore. There is just silence from them.

Aren’t they the same employees as before? Just with a new boss now?

I don’t get the distinction you draw here, you like the employees before but now you don’t like the same employees?

Because they don’t make phone calls anymore?

And how do you know they aren’t listening anymore? Did they tell you?

Just because we don’t know what they are doing doesn’t mean they aren’t doing anything…

These are some wild inferences going on here. The opposite viewpoint could easily be argued because this is all pure conjecture. This makes your point moot.

I get opinion sure, but ease on the modality, and perhaps acknowledge the conjecture.

Just a suggestion.

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Add the fact that official servers are basically the entrypoint for new players.


Yes I agree. I forgot to write that.

I dont like how they treat the community of “Age of Conan”, Anarchy Online", “TSW”. There havent been a official forum post on those games forums for ages. “server restart” messages is the only thing. There are many things they could have done to improve those games with almost no resources. They dont listen to the community and they make decisions that dont make any sense. I love their old games. I love the company that made Age of conan, Anarchy online and “TSW”.

In Age of Conan’s case they have made several additions to the game that have made the game worse than it was. They suddenly released content that no one asked for and dont fit the game at all. I sure no devs at Funcom even play those games anymore. If they did they wouldnt have done what they have done to it.
Age of Conan was a much better game years ago than it is now. If they communicated with their loyal playerbase that have stuck with them for ages they would know what to do to improve the game. Age of conan playerbase have more knowledge about the game than they have them self. Even the costumer service and their payment metods dont work. There are many posts about players complaining on steam and on forums. Its been a problem for years and they haven’t fixed it.

The reason I write this post on the Conan Exiles forum is that this is the only forum they read it seems like.

How I know they dont listen? Because they dont respond to anything the community tries to tell them. They no longer have streams or community events. The only game you sometimes see a official Funcom post is Conan Exiles, and even here there is only a one way communication and zero interaction with the community.

“I get opinion sure, but ease on the modality, and perhaps acknowledge the conjecture.” English is not my first language I have no idea what this sentence even mean. :smiley:

I agree that it’s hyperbolic to say they don’t listen, but a little bit more back and forth would do wonders.

I’m not saying that they need to make an official response to every topic, but something like the new stagger bug in 2.5 should really be addressed as soon as possible.

Even if they only posted to confirm that it is a bug and they were now aware of it, it would make players feel more heard.

Taking five minutes a day and having a bit larger of a forum footprint would stop people from assuming that they don’t listen.

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I think I agree with him in that matter, official is vanilla experience and it should be seen as ‘basic’ experience hardly to be found on any private server. You can’t force much of prefered play style as there many limitating factors. Of course it’s up to players to decide but on private servers there’s more room to adjustment.


Exactly, how much time it takes for developer post just one or two message on forum? That’s just nothing compared to power it would have for community - it would show ‘yes we care, yes we listen’.

People usually sit and post a lot messages on twitter and other social media anyway, that’s the times we have, can’t believe they don’t have or can’t access forum to talk with community. I think they may just not care enough and they threat is as just job and there’s no need to do anything beyond that which makes me sad.

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