Most thralls missing overnight

Game mode: Online (private PvP)
Problem: Bug
Region: Base on river near Narrowneck span

I went to sleep last night after a partial remodel of my base, and when I logged in this morning all but three of my thralls are missing. Carpenter, blacksmith, smelter, alchemists, two taskmasters, one of my cooks, two bearers, four archers, three dancers, two fighters, and a high priest, all gone. No building damage or other signs of a raid. I’ve had the occasional archer disappear, but never anything on this scale or indoors.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Spend a couple weeks recruiting thralls
  2. Strategically place said thralls at corresponding stations and vantage points.
  3. Play game as normal
  4. Log in one day to find 90% of your workforce gone.

On 2725 the clan brobarians keep coming by and killing our thralls and griefing us. They killedour archers on our roof as well as the fighters within the wall surrounding our area. They had to intentionally climb the walls to kill them. Since it is a repeat behavior by multiple players in their clan, they should be banned imo. There is no legitimate reason to kill thralls on pve other than to take any equipment they might have on them.