Thralls Disappear again......nothing on log they have vanish

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [EU]

I play for day one of early access and the game has never release and never hit the version 1 this is in their dreams or maybe we are dumb enough to give them money, i lost chests/workbenches and thralls 2 patch prior and i have post 2-3 times on forum the problems i have but today the nightmare starts again. I loose on a pvp server 5 archers with top gear without reason they are vanish from my base the 5/7 have gone, no bodies no falling to the ground because they are in balconies with fences around, i have a base in lava maybe they past the fences or something else but that sucks we need the control of the thralls the system is broken 1000 things are broken in the game ,Ui not work,building pieces stuck,thralls not work , dungeons are laggy and crappy well of skelos is the baddest thing i have ever see in a game, all the mobs there are sloppy and laggy as hell funcom that is not fun you have launch a game so be ready to support it we give money for that …or contact with me, im open for a refund right now if u keep respect your customers u need to fix this…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Thralls dissapear 2-3 weeks back
2.Thralls dissapear today 5 of them archers in balconies full geared top notch stuff
3.Fix The game
4.Dungeons need rework enemies placements-AI
5.NPCs lag on attack and some times teleport 5 feets away
6.FIx Thralls Inventory and make us to choose their reaction i want the archers to not moving and running around like crazy
7.Give the customers some love
8.Stop releasing Fast cash content before u build the game(Launch is a big Lie)

Umm I’m on ps4 lost 8 archers to nothing in main base wtf I’m sick of it.

No 15 fell through to their deaths I built on cliff. Just saw both sides missing where it overhangs. All kitted up too.