Thralls disappear - really annoying

Hey there,

it has been now the second time that one of my thralls disappeared between two sessions. First it was only a random lvl 3 Archer, now its a named one, which is very frustrating.
why should I keep catching them if they disappear? I even thought about stopping to play the game.
They vanish with all the equipment so its not only because of the thralls itself but also the stuff I need to craft again.
Is there any possibility to get them back?

My Server is pve official #1044 the name is moep like here.

Thanks for the replies in advance.

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Ok so since the server seems to be knee deep in s*** I saw my vanished thralls through the floor (actually the floor didn’t load so i saw them down where the floor should be.
Since the patch today the game is not playable.
this is not even beta-state, this is pre-alpha!!!
I payed full price for this and the game gets worse all the time…
Nothing is working right now. Beeing stuck in the floor when logging in, thralls falling through the floor, map empty, journal empty, jeez…

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Agree! I lost 40 epic geared thralls many of them where named. And walls and floor is missing that i can not replace with new pieces. Everytime i relogg today more stuff disapear. We demand a rollback on this Funcom or you losing your players! Bugs from last patch is unexceptable!

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