Mountaineer (climbing gear) missing - 1088 Official

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Server type: PvP
Region: EU
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Mountaineer missing for climbing gear recipe
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Can you please elaborate on what seems to be the issue?

Thanks in advance.

I think he’s saying, if you climb Fingerfang Rock to talk to the mountaineer guy and pick up the feats he offers, he’s not there. I’ve seen this before as well.

I’ve seen this in the past on an official server. I don’t know if someone built close enough to mess with the spawn but the Mountaineer wasn’t at the top of Fingerfang. We found him on the path below. It made it super easy to unlock the recipe but the climb is part of the fun.

I can add that the mountaineer “and” his bonfire were missing about a week ago on official 1502. Though the smoke from the bonfire was there.

Haven’t been back to check again on that or any other server.

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