Mounting horses has become difficult since the Age of Sorcery update

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1026
Mods: =MODS=

Bug Description:

Before the Age of Sorcery, mounting a horse was easy, we just had to do it in one click no matter where our character was standing around the horse. Since the update of the first chapter of the Age of Sorcery, we have to click many times, stepping backwards and forwards to make that click work. Would it be possible to reajust to mechatics of mounting the horse so it would be as easy as before? Thank you for the help you could provide.

Bug Reproduction:

The bug happened by itself after the Age of Sorcery update, not only to me, but to my clan member too, without doing anything in particular.


I really hope they prioritize fixing this bug, because it’s gone beyond annoying and crossed into the “why the hell do I even have a horse” territory.

I play on a PVE-C server, which means that during PVP hours, I have to keep an eye out for the latest batch of PVP-reject murderhobos who decided to come troll the server. In between ganking inexperienced lowbies and tea-bagging their corpses until they come back naked to be killed again, these lovely people will occasionally go roaming around trying to kill everyone else. If they happen to catch you while you’re dismounted, there’s nothing they love more than to kill your horse. And since horses were nerfed, they don’t stand a whelk’s chance in a supernova of surviving these random acts of chucklefuсkery.

Of course, this situation wouldn’t be problematic if I could just run up to my horse, press a button, and mount it. Instead, I have to run up to it and spam the button furiously while simultaneously moving in a jerky pattern, all in hopes of figuring out that exact magical position and bearing that will appease the gods of shoddy coding.

Or I can pick the more sensible option of trying to run away from the psychotic band of happy slappers and hoping that the horse will, against all odds, survive the curbstomping long enough to teleport to me when I get far enough away. Which, of course, it won’t, because of the aforementioned odds of a whelk in a supernova.

To make a long rant short: could the devs please fix this? Pretty please, with a cherry on top?


Could the devs just please fix all the annoying bugs?

It just became worse and worse. There was a good time bugwise between 2.4 and 2.8. With 3.0 both old and new bugs/glitches started to show up.

I would like too see an BIG patch wich is only focused at fixing bugs. Not an patch that fixes some bugs and also bring new content that will bring more bugs.

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In theory, they could fix all the bugs. In practice, they have to triage and prioritize. As a software developer, I’m acutely aware of this, which is why I wanted to make sure they understood it’s not merely “annoying” anymore, at least in my opinion. :man_shrugging:

We’re highly unlikely to ever get that. The way I’ve seen this work is that each game in a studio has a more-or-less dedicated team, which includes artists. Focusing a whole release cycle exclusively on bugfixes would mean that those artists would mostly sit idle, which is not only bad for morale, but also means that they might get reassigned to a different game and good luck getting them back.

If they ever did what you’re asking for, it would probably be a sign that they’re stopping future development of Conan Exiles.

Wonder if they are so dedicated in this conan team then.

I know several games that was pretty small, but put their ■■■■ together and fixed their mistakes. And that is giving them profit now.

If you do something poorly you need to solve that. And become better. That’s not how FC is working it seems. 5 years ago, they did a poorly job at doing stuff aswell. But 5 years after that they should have learned. But In my opinion they make a even more poorly job now to maintain the game.

Old bugs coming back, new ones is coming, poor balance, poor performance list can go on. It wasnt this bad back in the days from what I can remember.

That’s kinda what it feels and looks is happening now. You cant wait 2 months for a bug fix. And with that fix x2 more bugs that’s more annoying than the previous comes alive.

I think conan players especially the people in the forums are a bit to much forgivable, and forgets to soon. I read threads where people pretty much denying the game is in a bad shape.
3.0 could have been a success, but it didnt. Just because of the failing of fixing stuff afterwards.


The horse mounting bug really is incredibly infuriating. Of all the wonderful new bugs 3.0 gifted us with this one really stands out because it is a constant hassle.

Edit: just had another horse die, so if by chance Funcom gets in a mood of hating its customers a little less and does some horse fixing, can we also go back to having horses that don’t die as soon as someone looks at them angrily?


I play on Xbox and have the same issue. I want to toss my controller across the room some times. Even worse when I have a thrall I am dragging to the horse and being chased by a bunch of angry Mobs and trying to get on the freaking horse!


Funcom’s QA outcomes have been consistently subpar since I started playing this game. Is it getting worse? Is this something that’s getting worse? I certainly feel like it’s gotten somewhat worse, but I’m also self-aware enough to admit that this feeling is strongly influenced by my dissatisfaction with their new monetization and also by their observably increasing neglect for communication with the playerbase.

In other words, it’s easy to start feeling that the quality of the product itself is getting when the company is charging you more and talking to you less.


Game was pretty decent bugwise 2019-2021 also very balanced, thing is, it was pretty boring and slow.

3.0 could have been so good if they actually knew how to balance a new perksystem and also knew how the game actually works, and how to not introduce old bugs and new one’s and letting them be in the game for so long untill they get fixed.

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Same problem need click 3 time for go upper horse, before never do that.

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