Mounts Traits bug

Game mode: Online private, Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

The trait extra points don’t count in the stats of the horse.
A horse with 20 strenght has the same damage bonus from strenght that a 20+3 horse.

Upload it somewhere e.g imgur and post a link. As you probably wont be able to post the link just break it somehow: forums.funcom DOT com/t/mounts-traits-bug/96659

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Hey @Zarelias

Welcome to our community.
Just before we rely this to our team, could you let us know if there are any mods installed in the private server you’re experiencing this issue?

Looks like none of the green attribute bonuses are applying. Hard to tell with the middle 3, but survival base numbers are very close and so is the time reduction, which appears to ignore the bonus. It could be that you are getting the advantage from it, even though the bonuses are only reporting the base attribute numbers? Try adding some accuracy armor to either of them and see if the damage bonus improves?

I had this problem in a moded server, but to be sure I went to single player with no mods and the atribute problem was there anyways.
Green atributes (THe ones from traits) Do not aply.

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Thanks for the confirmation. Relaying this to our team.

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