Movement speed multiplied

Hi, I just had to enter the admin panel and try out a few things. It turned out to be very stupid because I can not reset normal settings. Among other things, I set up the speed of movement and now all it’s just bug. The game hooks and hangs and the figure jumps far forward for each step … Anyone who has any good advice? I have tried everything soon … Please …need help : o)

The movement looks like it jumps forward because you’re moving too fast for the game to realize you’ve moved. It’s something with the engine they use and a big reason why mounts aren’t in the game yet.

Yes thanks, but how can I reset ? :slight_smile:

PC users have some command lines they can type. (ps4 user, so can’t help ya there)

This was linked in another thread, my help.

I believe just setting it back to 0 in the Admin Console then relogging into whatever server you’re on should work.

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I set my movement speed back to 1 and it works normal.

Default setting always says 1000 in admin panel, but it should be 1.

I believe the default setting of 1000 is because, when logging in, you already are at speed 1, and if changing you’re likely to go to max. I think they have it like that to increase quality of life and ease access.
Should one want to go back to speed 1 they can change it quickly.

Thank you, all the time, got it - you’re great :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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