Moving thralls on buildings makes them fall through everything

Here i’m trying to move my thrall on the upper ceilling at the top of the pillar.

No matter what, she will end up falling through every piece of building, including foundations…only the normal ground can stop her fall.

It’s interesting to note that it’s not happening with thralls that you are placing for the first time.

Thank you for the report, we will be looking into this soon.

good, thank you Tyros, and good luck for the team!

there are threads all over about this. steam forums, and redits, etc…

I hope this can be fixed as I’ve lost several thralls do to this.

Had archers on my roof and they fell into the foundation blocks below them and I now can’t use them. :frowning:

It seems this issue only happens in SP, as i’m playing on multi now, and have never encountered this a single time.

This has happened on multiplayer as well on a dedicated server that my friends and I am on. This is a long term issue. Especially with thralls following and falling as well as falling into building blocks without following. Hoping to see this get fixed soon as well.

ok good to know shadem.
I’ll report here again if i have the same on multi.