Must Be Placed on Walkable Floor Bug returns!

Placing thralls is once more an annoying hit or miss in builds. Anyone else experiencing this “oldie but a goodie” bug again?


Yes having same issue on console.

Yes. To be more precise:

I tried several golems after the latest patch. Tried placing them on Arena foundations, Stables foundations and Stables ceilings. I could not find a spot on the foundations where the golems could be placed. Stables ceilings worked, but not perfectly - I still needed to wiggle the golem around to make him able to be placed.

On bare ground (even uneven) I had considerably less problems.

I have had this happen. Due to their size, I found, they would clip into anything behind them. This will cause an error message. Just pull them closer to you or back up if you have room behind you.

It is often not possible to place a thrall on the half of the foundation close to the descending stairs, and also on the half of the foundation behind which the wall begins. Only strictly in the middle.

Good to know for those who use them. But also the problem is much bigger than that as this is happening with regular human thralls and pets and I’ve tested with making a large area of foundations with no walls and the placement problem still persists.

Any movement on this FC?

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