Must be placed on walkable floors

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Region: [ America ]
Hardware: [2013 PS4]

Bug Description:

Every time I place a thrall on a foundation square, piece of ground, ceiling tile, etc, I get ‘Must be placed on walkable floor.’

Every path is not blocked and every piece is stable. I’ve even used the repair hammer to make sure it’s a stable path. Why does it have to be a walkable path? It’s not like our thralls walk a sentries position. Most of the time, they still block doorways or get stuck in a wall or glitch into an object. I know others have the same gripe???

Steps to Reproduce:

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  1. Move a thrall from away from blocking the door. Get error
  2. Place the thrall in the same place it was, but out of my walkable path
  3. Find a new place to place thrall, balcony or gaurd post or Archer post
  4. Just in general…
  5. (etc)

I have that come up occasionally.

Yep I concur

I guess it is what it is… move on, nothing to see here…

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