Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden for Tabletop Maps

Alright, I have a strange question/request/suggestion and it’s totally okay if you choose to ignore it…, but here goes!

Some friends and me have started playing the Mutant: Year Zero Roleplaying game a few weeks ago… And that is actually because our Gamemaster started playing this game and got a copy of the RPG for free with his purchase. :smiley:

It’s great fun, and that lead me to go and try Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden as well to help me further immerse myself in the universe!

The game is also very fun and immersive, although very hard for me because I hardly play these styles of games. xD

And I find the depiction of the zone you’ve achieved really spot on… sometimes hauntingly beautiful, but more often then not grisly and chaotic!

Hence my post…

I wanted to ask if there was any way one could get ahold of overhead shots of some of these areas to make battlemaps out of them.

Since you cannot zoom out or put the camera in a more steep angle, it’s not possible ingame.
So I thought maybe anyone here knows another source, some concept art or something?

Of course noone wants to spoiler the big picture. There’s currently no source available for this. Maybe in the far future or if someone tries taking pictures bit by bit and photoshopping it - though, that won’t do, I’m afraid? :sweat_smile: We’ll see.