"Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden" Influencer Revenue Share Program

Hello Stalkers!

We imagine hunting for scraps and finding artifacts is a full time job but do you also spend time creating content or do you like to stream?

Then this opportunity might wet your appetite:
We are launching the MYZ Influencer Revenue share program!

How it works

Go to https://influencers.mutantyearzero.com and sign up with either your Twitch, Mixer, Twitter or YouTube account. Once you are logged in with one of the above, you can connect the additional ones.

After you’ve connected all your channels, you’ll see the programs that are available to you according to your followers/subscriber counts on the different channels.

How to earn revenue

Once you click “join program” you will see a details page. It tells you how much the revenue share is, when the program started and when it ends.

Under “Landing Page” you will see a Tracking link you can copy. This is your personal influencer link. Add this somewhere prominent on your channel page like in your panel section. It’s also a good idea to add it to your chat area as command or any other location you see fit. Whenever someone buys the game through your link, you’ll get a revenue share from that sale.

Note that the game version in your influencer link is only for the PC/Steam version.