My action figure

I could not resist the temptation and I bought it


Looks good. Must be hard to resist the temptation to cover it with scars and blood though :slight_smile:

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No, it is not so hard when i think about priece :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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It looks very realistic. I found it on ebay for 85$ with the images you show here as well. Would have expected it to be more expensive from the look…

85€ its only the head and accessory.
The body is not from action figure. If you read the eBay listing well. You have to get the body from yourself. It is realistic and articulated. It is a professional body used by artists (designers, photographers and sculptors) and costs a bit for this reason.

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Kids used to bloody action figures with nail polish and could remove it later.

Yours does seem to have a more Arnold like hair tone actually… while you cant pray to Crom you can pray to Conan now in its shrine :sunglasses:

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My son bought be the same one for my recent birthday. Only difference is one of the arm bands is totally different color and style and I didn’t get the ship’s wheel necklace but the green snake one from the movies.

For anyone curious about the spec’s the body is a ’ Phicen Limited Seamless Male Bodybuilder Figure with Stainless Steel Skeleton’ ( and the head sculpt and accessories ‘’.


Very cool. I would be tempted to pose a couple of scantily clad Barbies at his feet. :smiley:

The body comes with two extra ‘body pieces’ hint hint. When my wife saw them included in the box she made sure to tell me ‘NO barbies will ever get near him!’. :rofl: