Conan the, Action Figure

Thought this might be of some interest here. After about a year and a half of waiting, forgetting about preordering it several times, and then FedEx delivering it to my previous address even though I’d updated my shipping information after I’d moved (thankfully my sister still lives there or that could have been awkward), I finally received this guy today:

The One:12 Collective Conan from Mezco Toyz, based on the iconic Frank Frazetta painting of the character. He feels pretty solid, he’s got plenty of joints, and he comes with a bunch of stuff, so overall I’m pleased with it. It does cost $90.00(!!!) though, so if you want one, you should probably think long and hard about how bad you want it.

(To be honest I was more looking forward that 1:6 Arnold!Conan that was being advertised a couple years ago, but then that company had the absolute gall to go bankrupt and shut down and I had to get a refund on my preorder money. But this one’s cool too.)

I’m honestly surprised this never happened while Dark Horse had the licenses to these properties.

Farming chitin and ichor.


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I always find it odd that Conan is so frequently depicted with a bare chest when Howard wrote that he had a hairy chest.

Anyway, that’s kind of irrelevant. The Predator would know he is outmatched regardless how much hair decorates Conan’s chest.

Well duh, the Predator always loses in those crossovers.

Depends on the Predator. Broken Tusk and Ahab would wipe the floor with Conan. Broken Tusk and Machiko wiped out a xenomorph nest with no plasma casters or backup, Ahab took down an Engineer in hand to hand combat.

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Conan Exiles/Ark crossover?!?


This forum’s censor filter is weird:

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This was the original Aliens vs Predator miniseries right? If I remember correctly they had the black and white shorts in dark horse presents first.

Man I wish I still had those

Correct. Was also released as a novel in 1995. As for Conan, I had a 1/6 scale one on order last year, but the manufacturer went under.

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Oh wow, I completely forgot about the book! I remember thinking it was really cool to get the internal dialogue from the predators perspective. They called xenomorphs hard skins and humans soft skins.

Man, thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Hot take: crossing over with Aliens was the worst thing the Predator franchise ever did, yeah I said it.

Blame Chris Warner for it (artist at Dark Horse). Fun tidbit, the comic was drawn by the storyboard artist from Predator 2. Anyway, back to Conan. Are you planning on getting the Super 7 ones as well?

Nope, you are wrong. I know opinions can’t be wrong, but this one is :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I might have let it go if The Predator had never been made, but that is such a shockingly bad movie that words fail to explain it.

I’m not sure who thought making a movie where the plot is “the Predator tries to give themselves autism” was a good idea. :man_shrugging:

I haven’t seen The Predator, and I’ve heard it’s pretty bad, but I feel like that would still get points from me for at least doing something with them beyond the boring one-note “We’ve based our entire culture around hunting xenomorphs and humans and NOTHING ELSE” dinguses that they turned into in all the AvP material. (Though to be fair I’d stopped reading the Aliens and Predator comics before Prometheus released so I have no idea what effect Ridley Scott stuffing the Alien lore into a box and kicking it down a flight of stairs had on all that mess.)

Ehhhh I might try tracking them down someday, but something about the way they try to strike this weird balance between realism and exaggerated Masters of the Universe-style proportions just puts me off.

Super 7 Conan figs are designed to be in scale with the Motu figs, so you can have Conan beat the snot out of that blonde pretender. Alternatively, you could try finding a 1/12th scale Death Dealer by TBLeague to hang out with your Frazetta Conan.

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