My character on my desk

Love this game, been playing it a lot. Like it so much I 3d modeled my character and printed her. I can’t upload a picture because it’s a new account here but will as soon as I can.

So lets just ramble offtopic a bit then.

So Conan Exiles is my first survivor game (long time gamer, Qauke, Soul Reaver, Slave Zero etc. etc.) I totally, absolutely love this game! Combat is okay (Dark Souls ruined every single third person action game ever by having combat about a lightyear ahead). But the combat is enjoyable in Conan Exiles, it’s not 1 button (Looking at you Arkham).

What I like the most about Conan is:

  1. Nudity, my character is of course with maxed out breasts, long hair and when I die completely naked.
  2. Climbing, you can climb everything! She’s like Spider-Man only a woman. I love climbing and sliding down things.
  3. Thralls, it’s like Pokemon, trying to get the prettiest fair skinned, large chested lady with nice hair and all. Nice voice (some smoke too much).

Anyway if you’re interested in what I made, it’s on my instagram account: plasticpolygonnew

You have to scroll a bit, but I’m pretty sure you can find her. I did my best to resemble the ingame character as much as I could. I will paint her when I have the time.


Thats pretty cool. Im glad youre having fun! Ive always wanted a 3d print of my wow main, but some custom conan figs could be pretty sweet.

Thanks! I love it play it all the time when I have game time. Maybe put in more hours than Dark Souls 1 at some point.
Ahaa, yes I’d love to see more figures of game characters to.

Thanks so much for posting! :slight_smile:
That’s her right there. I think I called her Embra.
It’s a black long haired, maxed out chest lady with a little makeup. Hope I can paint her the way she looks in the game.
The punker is a regular enemy/cannon fodder type variant.

I’m beginning to unlock nice costumes so I’ll probably do one of these in the future. Probably Darfari Skin armor with a little self interpretation.