My Casting table is broken

I made about 100 silver coins, went to make more coins (can see I got the bars and molds and the unlock as I have gold coin icon) but the icon to make silver coins is gone now.

Mine’s been breaking on and off for a while, too. Sometimes it’s gold coins it can’t make, sometimes silver. Haven’t kept track of anything else disappearing.

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got a temp fix? like remaking the bench?

I can’t remember, sorry. I haven’t really kept track on how and when it happened, or if/when it fixed itself. Remaking the table would be my best bet, yeah. Could also be a question of relogging or a server restart (the latter might be out of your control ofc).

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for your report. Can you tell us the server number and the in-game map location of your Casting table? Please also share your clan’s name or character name.

Feel free to reach out in private if you prefer via direct message to @community.

We await your reply.

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