My Entire Inventory Grayed Out and Unusable

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Entire map, Official Server 1819 PVE-C

My entire inventory is grayed out and unusable. I can’t build or make anything. I’ve tried re-logging and killing myself. Nothing works.

Steps on how to reproduce issue: I have no idea how this happened.

Edit: OK, now things seem to be at least partially restored. I don’t know how it happened. But now I can show what I want to craft by clicking one of the icons beneath “name.” For instance, if I want to build, I can click “building items” and they show. But everything else is grayed out. Maybe Funcom went and sneaked in a suggestion I made some time ago about about being able to click a check-box so that only those items show. I don’t know.

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Are you pushing down R3 that does custom searh can grey out screen. Good luck

R3 is for sorting, it’s L3 that is the filter/search function.

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Thank you I sorta button push Waiting to see what I want. No wonder I jam it up. LOL.

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