My first finished Nemedian Castle! :)

Hi all! This is my first build I’ve posted on the forums, but I’ve been posting different themed Conan builds to Reddit and Twitter for a few years now :slight_smile:

This castle is a WIP since the day the DLC launched, though this is not the first attempt (this is actually the 6th or so iteration of this castle). When the Nemedian set was announced I knew I needed to make a castle with it (and I’m sure you’ve all seen quite a few already by now from others!), mostly as a challenge to myself as I’ve struggled with Germanic-styled castles, fantasy or not, for some time.

For those who have seen my previous castles, they’re much more French/Norman/English in their styling; something like this, my last pre-Nemedian castle, for instance. The Germanic style that fits the HRE, I mean, Nemedian DLC so well is more of a challenge for me.

But, without further ado, I present you some screenies:

Here, we’ll get a closer up of the moat and drawbridge:

And now let’s do some interior shots! First up is the great hall and throne room:

The dining hall:

And here’s some shots of the living quarters. First the children’s bedroom and then the lord’s bedroom:

And, some of my favorites, the reading nooks and cozy places found throughout the castle:

Some miscellaneous shots up next. First, a training yard near the gatehouse:

And a vineyard right behind it (tea shrubs instead of grapevines, don’t hate me!)


  • Dungeon Master Tools
  • Northern Timber
  • Arena Pier
  • Glass Constructions & More
  • Dude’s Delightful Decorations
  • SH-Building Kit
  • Stages by Accident
  • Lotus Roleplay Decor & More
  • Beyond Decor
  • Beyond Stations
  • Arbre Decorations
  • Crucial Decorations
  • Shani’s Stuff
  • Deco FTW Rocks
  • LBPR - Additional Features
  • LBPR

Phew! That was a wild ride, and an entirely too long of a WIP for me. I believe this would be the highest ratio of décor to building pieces I’ve ever done, though I did plan to live here on a playthrough. It’s not pictured here (you can find it in the below album) but there are all the crafting stations you need here.

If you’d like an annotated walkthrough in picture format feel free to check out this Imgur album, though you’ll see several of the same shots.

Thanks for stopping by and viewing, and have a great day!


Absolutely beautiful!!!


Absolutely beautifully made, it is such creativeness we need to see more of instead of all the shoebox designs that are so popular on official servers :sunglasses:
I know there’s a lot of mods involved in this, but still, no matter how many mods you have available to decorate, it still takes a lot of effort and understanding for building styles to come with such a masterpiece as you have created here :+1:

I would love to see a video tour of your Nemedian Castle :wink:


Looks awesome! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

There’s a chance I make a video tour of this. Not a build or speedrun, as that is a missed opportunity now (and to be frank even on 10x speed there’d be a lot of idle time as I stare at my screen hoping to find inspiration that I’d have to edit out :laughing:

But, a video tour might display the layout very nicely. I’ll consider it!
Thanks again!


That would be really cool! I would love to see it.

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Very nice. Wish I had the talent to build something like this.

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Very impressive build! Looks great!

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Love it, well done. :+1:

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Wow this build is amazing it’s a pure masterpiece, the level of details is insane. I’d like to know how you did some things like the stone pathway with different height and what are the wood “arch” that you placed inside the nemedian wall at the bottom of the wall’s tower. Thanks in advance if you reply and sorry for my bad english

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I love it but too big. If on official be prepared to be reported and banned. reason being: Blocking spawn points of trees, land claim abuse of a base spot - according to other players, faelcom & Zendesk. You will now be banned for 2 weeks if first warning, 1 month if second warning, and forever if 3rd warning - but not in that order apparently. Have faelcom fixed duping yet? dupe dupe dupe dupe dupe. I wonder if this word will get censored… Nice build all the same.
Apparently faelcom get’s censored lol


I’m speechless!!

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Considering the list of mods used to build this, the probability of this thing of beauty gracing an official forum is close to nil. I understand you’re embittered by a perceived injustice, but this thread is hardly the right context for venting it.

Seeing this thread again inspires me to try building something equally ambitious. Now with the 3.0 building mechanics I may try again.

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I want to live in one!


Hats off to you, mate. That is absolutely stunning!

How many build pieces was this total?