My game on an Official Server is unplayable

My character is broken right now. My stamina pool won’t regenerate and my character will not perform an attack. I have logged out and back in several times and still the issue remains.

The server reset seemed to fix my issues

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Good to hear.

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So it happened again… this time mid combat. I took a hit rolled out of the encounter and my character would not perform and attack animations…my stamina pool won’t regenerate again and I can’t climb.
I lot of issues I just playthrough but now I literally can’t play the game with my main character. And this is a Official Server. I’m going to guess all the combat changes have something to do with this. Ever since the last update, I have also noticed sometimes my character getting stuck facing a direction after farming. A simple dodge would fix the glitch…that doesn’t work for this issue.
It looks like I’ll have to wait until the server resets again…very frustrating btw