I need help! Character is permanent but, server side stamina lag

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So the issue is not lag and not my internet I have reinstalled the game, deleted my save and remade my character… I have used my wives account on my ps4 and it works fine and when I play on other servers it works fine except my main server with all my friends. What happens is my stamina bar stops moving then jolts… enemy and friendly teammates teleport in front of me… so it seems like lag or a ddos. I know I’m not the only one cause it’s happening to another tribe member on the same server… I’ve exhausted all testing on my end so I’m guessing it might be client side. Even after the recent update it is still happening, please help!

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EU Server ?

US… it’s our account cause I can use my wives account on my ps4 and it works fine.

Hi, sorry but this sounds like “a one in a million bug” so unfortunately i don’t think the devs will be addressing this any time soon. Why not give ur wife a foot massage in exchange for using her account?, leave some dragon powder ready for making explosive jars with the new character and you’ll be level 60 in a snap

I have the same problem with me and my wife as we are playing but It only happens on one of our PS4’s I believe my issues is the HDD not saying your’s is but could think about it. Also I know this happens other times when there is a lot of items such as decor around hard for the PS4 to handle it or the game’s engine not sure which. Anyways if you are near a lot of items try and see if the same thing happens somewhere less occupied. If the issues stops somewhere less occupied you may need to think about less content around this area. This is just my incite hope this helps some.

Actually, I noticed something pretty strange with the update, my ps4 HD had more than 60gb available but it was giving and error of not enough space on disc, I had to open almost 100gb to have de update start downloading, and it’s fine, for now…

That is normal you have to have Double the space required to download anything on PS4 unless I am mistaken. Found this out a while back trying to download a game that was 60-80gb and had 110 free looked online and found a article that said you have to have double.

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Hello @devildog9802, could you let us know on which server(s) you’re experiencing this issue?

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