My Spire Will Pierce The Heavens

At 40 floors up, the world starts to fade away into fog, at 65 even the mighty treetops of the jungle disappear. After 100 floor the world loses all definition, save for the distant volcano. Everything after that is a blur as the temperature starts to rise, the air grows thing and the repetition of the stairs drains the psyche. And at 161 Floors High, you earn it… that elusive achievement.

Iron Shadows in the Moon!


Lol nice. Reminds me during EA when I built something 400 foundations high to see if there was a limit to how high you could go. I gave up after 400, was a really long fall too.


Good job!

This was how I did it a while back. As you can see that fire hurts!

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We did the same, but after 120° floor the tower seemed bugged with strange invisible walls preventing us to continue :slightly_frowning_face:

So finally we lowered to 72 floors and built a throne room on top of it.

The best thing is when you are there just when a sandstorm pass away. For few moments, the air is really clear (even if in an orange light) and you can see for miles and miles :smiley:

That looks awesome!

From what I’ve read, 200 floors is the limit, from water level. So if you start somewhere like the desert plains or the highlands, you lose some floors due to the natural ground level.

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Probably is that the problem than. I build it (with my mate) in E4 just north of howling plateau, south of a entrance to Unnamed CIty but you know, it’s higher than the “sea” (or river :stuck_out_tongue:) level, because it’s a plateau.

Just put 240 blocks on top of one another then hit a no build zone!