My suggestions to add som QoL for players :)

Love the game!

My suggestions for some QoL for us players based on feedback I’ve seen on the forums and personal experience…

1 - Add a queue system to enter a server you are playing on. Spamming refresh and trying to win the lottery is just not good enough. Sorry

2 - Add “lingering connection” - If your game crashes, your internet crashes etc … You dont hit “Log out” - Your spot shoulden’t be released in atleast 5 minutes. This would fix alot of grievance for many players. IE, your game crashes, and you restart the game and 'lo and behold. Welcome to Refresh spam game.

3 - Add an achievment for pressing refresh button at the server lists. Pressing Refresh 10 times gives you the achievement “I wanna play…”. 50 - Achievemnt “Come on!” - 100 - Acievement “I could be playing WoW pvp by now. 200 - Achievement “FFS! Give us a queue” - 500 - Achievement “!!”)”!(&#/"!&¤"

4 - The chat windows. It really needs some love. We can’t move it, resize it - No nothing.

5 - Did I mention queues for entering a server?



You also need to be kicked from the game after 10 minutes of AFK. People are eating spots on servers doing nothing.

Agree with everything (+ afk player kicking), but those achievements would be kick-■■■. :rofl:

How about 15 minutes afk kick? It takes a bit to make a bite to eat or ahem take care of a different kind of “business” :blush:


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