WTB queue system for entering a desired server

Will bake glutenfree cake and server it with a good beer for a queue system to enter your desired (full) server.

Smashing refresh is soooooooo 1998. :slight_smile:

Love the game tho. I played for 8 hours or something yesterday (including 1 hour “break” after having to reboot comp and trying to get back in).

Playing solo seems booring. Fun to fight a bit over resources and good spots for houses. And get to know people :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I don’t really get why there are no queue system in place instead of steam’s own internet-dependent one.

Would be a good idea with the low player availability, really.


I mean, yeah … We could all play as much as we want, when we want - IF you play solo.
I love the game, and I wanna pve with other chubbs :slight_smile:

Im not gonna join a rented server tho. You never know what kind of person is admin, and I don’t wanna play on a mod infested tweaked server.

'le Derp

Oh well :slight_smile:
Smashing refresh like a boss here. After that, its afk fest if i need to do something for 10-20 min. Which is sad, because that occupies a slot for someone else who wants to be in the same server.

A queue system would be lovely indeed.

So, there is no limit to the number of players on a server just the numbers of players at one time?

I guess I won’t get to play tonight. Pretty dumb system with no queue. Also, 40 is a pretty low number if you’re just going to let the server be flooded with as many people that can get into it.

Yeah, thats right. Anyone who ever entered the server before it went 40/40 can make a char and play there. After that its first come, first serve which is really silly imo … I’ve been refreshing every few minutes for an hour now on my desired server which I played for 8 hours ish last night, and still full so I cant get it :frowning:

Im considering starting a solo play, just to be able to get in when I want, and do my thing. But then I will sadly miss the pve part of it with a community.

Think its worth mentioning that I now finally had a stroke of luck with my randon refreshing of the servers hehe. 39/40!

Im in babeh!

And then my game crashed, and Im back to spamming refresh …

ya this is annoying having to hit refresh, been doing it for an hour. That puts more strain on their servers probably too

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