Going to be adding server queues anytime soon?

Is this something they are looking to add to the game? It would be a very good addition. Personally I’m tired of constantly refreshing the servers and hope to god that one is empty. And it’s even harder when I have a certain server I play on daily and it turns out full. Hope they add this /:

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You know man I’m on board with you. I only have 1 to 2 hours a day to play a game. I really like this game, and still like playing it even with all the very very bad bugs. There are some days I think to my self, “wow did I really spend $80 on this game”, but those moments only last a few seconds while I’m playing. They do last a lot longer when I literally spend over an hour to get into a server. Refreshing the server list over and over until the game freezes. Then try again. I’m good with waiting for my turn in line, even if it takes an hour. As long as I can go make some breakfast or have a shower while my turn comes. If there was a server queue I would be a lot happier.