My very first village build and design

Single player Xbox Series X

My very first build and design, located on noob river. It has a fully functioning tavern, prision, and crafting shops.

Each building is a different crafting shop with two crafting benches, while the main building is the tavern with a full kitchen and stairs up to the top level.

This was originally going to be just a build for my tavern, but after some time, everything else started to grow around and with the tavern.

I now need to go out and get some guards, a tavern keeper, and some dancers.

A top view from the tavern of the center stage where the bellydancers will be putting on their show every night for the tavern guests and spectators.

The two side openings look right into the kitchen.

Here you can see the stairs in the back with a view of the kitchen, which is located in the middle of the tavern, and the tavern bar placed in front.

I was even able to capture a bit of realism by adding a sloping ceiling above both sets of stairs going up from both side rooms of the tavern bar.

May character is at maximum height and can run up and down the stairs with ease without having to worry about hitting anything or having to crouch.

This is one feature I don’t see much of in other builds.

Most times, this section is left completely open above the stairs, like a box.

Inside view of the front gate, so all NPCs will have to walk past the gate guard post booths located on both sides.

This camp fire was part of a two person npc camp so I built around it and turned the camp into a bonfire pavilion.


Pretty nice. Even though its pretty much a square, you used offsetting with the individual buildings on the outside rim to break up the flatness of the wall a tad. Well done.

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Agreed. Creating an uneven and organic feel to the outer wall would definitely improve the feel of it. Also, if planning to change up from sandstone, I recommend mix and match build sets so it feels more natural and realistic.

This is only the starting point. Over time, I will be adding more buildings outside of the wall, and it will grow from there. All the sides around this cliff plateau are completely flat and have natural dirt ramps, so there is so much room to expand on. Yes, I will be mixing and matching the different types, but I would like to try and stick with a more Middle Eastern desert feel with the fact that my character is a desert prince.

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That’s fair. You can still create a desert kingdom with mixtures of sets, just make sure your main building set is consistent. I’m a huge fan of the woody pieces. I suggest if you wanna throw in some more rundown and dilapidated areas in your village, try combinations of stable and flotsam. They work well for that feel, plus various awnings. Meanwhile, the turanian set is a nice feel for the more wealthy areas. It can still be used throughout for accents, but I’d push more towards either the pyramid set (if you have it) or the stone brick set. Sprinkle in some wooden flooring for paths and interiors and it could really look nice.:+1:

I have every DLC; I have the Aesir set, the Lost Dungeon and Crypt set, the Pyramid set, and all three Tavern sets. I also have every item that has come out with all the battle passes. But right now my character is only level seven, and most of the decorations that I have shown in the photos are what I have found from farming all the chests in Sepermeru over and over. I built this completely by farming all the materials, but only used creative mode for two items: the metal prison doors and the turan roof caps. Everything else was done as I leveled up or found. Not only that, lol. I spent all night building this, and it was built as I went. I didn’t even have an idea at first of how I was going to build my tavern. Then the tavern became a village keep, and it’s still evolving. lol

That’s usually how it starts… I’m gonna build this cute little thing over here… oh damn where’d this metropolis come from? :rofl:

Yeah… I usually plan out my builds in single player/co-op. But you’re right. Most do build and evolve. That being said, I tend to evolve my builds by getting new ideas and fixing or replacing what I currently have.

Yeah, I got the building bug. I have been playing Conan Exiles ever since it came out and always played as a primitive pict who either lived in caves with only primitive stone age items or moved his camp around the map.

Last night was the first time I actually unlocked the building pieces and used them.

With all the changes as of lately, it seems like I needed to evolve into using metal items and leave the stone age for the ancient and medieval age.


Oh yeah… building in the game opens up all sorts of opportunities. It’s what I mostly enjoy doing.

I was never the type to get into the whole dungeon, diving and beating them. I was always hunting, surviving, and moving around the map while trying to avoid the invisable map markers.

It always ended up with me finding a path to get to any part of the map at low levels and not getting hit once by anything.

But with the new tavern system, now it’s hard to have a tavern bar and live like a caveman. lol

At least now I don’t have to worry about a purge when I build. lol

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