My workbench followers have all disappeared

Standard priced version of game
Playing on official PVE server (server number 2505)
No mods being used.

All workbench followers have suddenly disappeared without a trace. The only follower left is the taskmaster in the wheel of pain. All of our fighter thralls and tames are still there as well, but all workbench thralls have vanished and can’t be located. Is there no way at all to get these thralls back?

Base cordinated are 25, -75. Right below where you finish the game and take off the bracelt.

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I am also on 2505, would you guys like help replacing them? I’m pretty sure I have extra of all of the important ones.

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Welcome to the Forum sorry for your loss of thralls but elated that some one is willing to help you out. Have not had this problem on Playstation. I would recommend perhaps placing them back inside of a chest when you logout. @DaveyBanes @Rust Is that location up in the north players have issues in the snow area lately.


Is your base open air? Windows? Could they have all been stolen? What does your event log say if anything?

That would be great if we can’t replace them. I do have an ipen air base but it’s a pve server and all of our things are automatically locked so no way they were stolen.

Let me know either way. I’d check the log too. The volcano and the North have been glitchy lately.

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