(NA) (XB1) I'm in search of a healthy RP with PVP server

I’m looking for a server with a strict ruleset that is heavily enforced. I also play on PC, and servers like this are a dime a dozen. It seems like that type of play style and commitment is unheard of on Xbox, as I have been searching daily since release.

What I want is a server with 10-20 rules defining a healthy and fair gaming experience for all, active admin who goes above and beyond to develop the server for an active RP experience, and the willingness to engage in open world on sight PvP (as long as its RPd).

Please get back to me if anyone has a server like this, or happens to play on one. Thanks!

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While we are new enough that our Rule list isn’t implemented, the second part of your request is easily handled, Please check out my post here and see if it sounds like a server for you.

I need an Xbox server

Oh ok, my apologies. Good luck

I’ve been trying to find a good rp server on xbox for a while now. If you hear of any let me know!