Nameless RPvP new RP server

Hi me and the Red Foot Faction have begun hosting our own RP/PVP Server we have a few mods on it to increase RP, let you skin yourself how you wish, One that adds new customization and Dual weapons and soon one that adds more pet options. Right now the server only allows 15 people at a time but we would LOVE to get an RP community going , there is 3 of us at present and if interested we are happy to Increase the population limit to whatevers desired. we LOVE RP and would love some to do it with and some suggestions on mods to add/remove. the servers name is

Nameless RPvP(Home of the Redfoot Faction) I really hope some of you join

The server has increased Harvesting, And Gains and Level cap as well. And we have a Discord