NA - RP - PVE / PVP Server Looking For More

Infernal Tyrants RP (PVP/PVE RP)

Come join Infernal Tyrants RP - We focus strictly on RP and character development. We are a smaller server looking to grow within the RP community. We have a few streamers on our server. We recently started working on our own mod and build stuff that our community would like to see. Join our discord so you can get whitelisted and join us. We welcome all experience levels. Can’t wait to see you! Enjoy.


➼ Custom Admin Hubs

➼ Joinable Factions

➼ Numerous Quest NPCs to help you level up, provide tools, get moving

➼ Admin Led Events every weekend / weekday (if people can’t make Weekends)

➼ Casual RP Experience

➼ Starter kits; Emotes, Tools, Weapon

➼ Morning and Nighttime Admins

➼ Newly Added Quests weekly.

➼ Newly created NPCs frequently

➼ Infernal Tyrants in the process of adding new Monster NPCs.


➼ 3x Gather Rate

➼ 3.0x XP

➼ Body Does Not Stay In The World


➼ Full modlist and more information can be found on the Discord.

➼ Custom Infernal Tyrants Mod where we implement ideas our community want to see.

Discord Invite: kgcCC9v

Hope to see you. Cheers!