Need a reliable host with 24/7 support!

Who’s got a GREAT host with 24/7 support that doesnt take 4 days to get back to you when you have a problem!! My server has been fine for a week I started on my new host and 4 days ago every 4 hours I net get out of memory errors and my server crashes! Put in a ticket High Priority with them and NOTHING not a word … Have updated the ticket it 4 times asking when I would hear something… Not a word!!

I need something, fast, reliable, and with GREAT support who gets back to you when you have a problem. I dont care about price! I care about QUALITY!


try blackbox:
I was a admin on a server that used them, and they are a great company, and when the owner had a issue they worked pretty fast to fix issues.

If you want to get ahold of me, contact me on discord: Sudeley