Need help getting enemy health bar

I’m playing on xbox one x. I no longer have enemy or npc health bars. Also cant see npc names. Setting for nameplates is turned on

Seconded. Hope I’m blind and dumb…

I know this isn’t a great fix and not available to some, but what’s been working for me is whenever I don’t get health bars my boyfriend logs onto my account and loads up my conan from his xbox and then once I log back in my healthbars and gamertags are back. Going to try more stuff to fix later.

I man having this issue in my Xbox now he last 2 days. Makes it very difficult to find thralls you want to knock out

I have found if that happens I shoot them with a arrow it tends to show the name and bar after that if you hover over them with the marker

This is one of the most annoying bugs! I remember there being no names/health bar on Xbox at first, then it worked for a while, and now it doesn’t again. I expected it to be implemented upon release, but I guess that was just wishful thinking:|

I don’t know if this works on Xbox, but on PC you can see nameplates at a greater distance while in 1st person view.

I demonstrated it here:

I don’t know about the health bars though. For me, they appear even if I toggle the UI off, which is kind of silly.

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If you have a second controller unplug that and restart the game and it should work. Also if you have a guitar hero usb plugged in it will mess with the game so it’s good to unplug it to fix it.

I found a fix for it. It’s on a previous reply